Fig Newtons

Fig Newtons need zero intro. These cookies are great with ice cream or solo! I have a recent story about them which may baffle you like it does me.

A Great Cookie

Figs, at the start of 2015, are no longer "Fig" Newtons. Why!? Apparently the word "Fig" isn't cool enough and no longer relevant to consumers. Changing the name is a marketing ploy by Nabisco to play to young people and also avoid what Nabisco perceives their original cookie message to be: an old folks treat.

Well, I don't want to cause a fuss or stir the pot so to speak, but I've been buying fig newtons all of my adult life (20 years old plus) ; I'm 54 years old now.....I guess old by kid standards! I don't feel old and I still like the cookie.

In fact, I'll stuff my backpack with them and move on with my run down boots with spurs and blue jeans on, ripped bod with a tight black tee-shirt.

I might raise a little hell too with said cookies in hand.

100% Whole Grain Wheat 12 Oz Pack

 Fat Free 12 Oz

12 Pack (12) 2 Oz Cookies

Fruit Chewy Cookies 7 Oz

Fig 12 Oz Pack

Grab & Go Whole Grain 6 Pack Chewy Cookies 7 Oz

Original Fig

Fig Whole Grain 14 Oz

Mini Fig Newtons 6 Pack

Oreo Cookie Cones 12 Each 4.75 Oz

Newtons Rule, But Oreo Cookies Stand Tall

Oreo 100 Calorie Thin Crisps Chocolate Wafer Snacks 6 Packs 4.86 Oz

Oreo Chocolate Wafer Funstix 16 Each 5 Oz

Oreo Cookie Mini Mint Family Size 13 Oz

Oreo Cookie Pie Crust 6 Oz

Oreo Cookies 12 Pack 1 LB 8 Oz

Oreo Cookies 12 Pack: Chips Ahoy, Nutter Butter, Original 1 LB 2 Oz

Oreo Cookies 12 Pack Double Stuf, Golden, Original 1 LB 5.2 Oz

Oreo Cookies 14.3 Oz

Oreo Cookies 15.5 Oz

Oreo Cookies 16.6 Oz

Oreo Cookies 18 Packs 14 Oz

Oreo Cookies 30 Pack Spooky Edition 1 LB 7.4 Oz

Oreo Cookies 5.2 Oz

Oreo Cookies Berry Creme 15.25 Oz

Oreo Cookies Double Stuf 16.6 Oz

Oreo Cookies Family Size 1 LB 10 Oz

Oreo Cookies Family Size 1 LB 3.1 Oz

Oreo Cookies Fudge Creme 11.3 Oz

Oreo Cookies Golden Double Stuf 15.25 Oz

Oreo Cookies Mint Creme 15.25 Oz

Oreo Cookies Mint Fudge Cremes 11.3 Oz

Oreo Cookies Peanut Butter Creme 15.25 Oz

Oreo Cookies Peanut Butter Fudge Cremes 11.3 Oz

Oreo Cookies Sugar Free 6.75 Oz

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