General Mills Cereal

General Mills Cereal is a brand I take for granted and that I believe will be on the shelf forever. I hope it is.

Sorry Mom!

I remember back in the mid 70's. I was a kid and my younger brother and I somehow cajoled our mother into buying cold cereal. Our mom was a traditional mom; cold cereal was anathema! Oatmeal, eggs, toast, sausage, milk and juice was what she wanted us to eat. And we did eat that! Or else!

But, at one point, my younger brother and I begged for cold cereal and we got it. We fell prey to the "prize at the bottom of the box" and we dumped it all in a big bowl to get it when she was out of sight. She caught us! Angry!? Say no more. Yelling? Say no more.  We never got cold cereal after that. That was the last and only time! Memories!

The best memory is that I happen to love Lucky Charms still and I'm 50 years old! Don't tell my doctor...


Wheaties 15.6 Oz

Total Whole Grain 10.6 Oz

Total Raisin Bran 1 LB 2.25 Oz

Total 100% Nutrition Cranberry Crunch 15 Oz


Wheat Chex 14 Oz

Vanilla Chex Gluten Free 13.5 Oz

Rice Chex Gluten Free 12.8 Oz

Multi-Bran Chex 14 Oz

Honey Nut Chex 13.8 Oz

Rice Chex, Gluten FreeFamily Size 18 Oz

Corn Chex Gluten Free 12 Oz

Corn Chex Gluten Free 14 Oz

Corn Chex Gluten Free - Family Size 18 Oz

Cinnamon Chex Whole Grain, Gluten Free 13.5 Oz

Chex, Vanilla - Gluten Free 12.1 Oz

Chocolate Chex, Whole Grain -  Gluten Free 14.25 Oz

Chex Clusters, Fruit & Oats, Gluten Free 13.4 Oz

Chex Cinnamon, Gluten Free 12.1 Oz

Chex Chocolate, Gluten Free 12.8 Oz

Chex Apple Cinnamon, Gluten Free 13.75 Oz

Chex Apple Cinnamon, Gluten Free 12.4 Oz

Hershey's Cookies N Creme 10.9 Oz

A General Mills Cereal Standard: Cheerios!

Honey Nut Cheerios 12.25 Oz

Chocolate Cheerios 11.25 Oz

Cheerios, Yogurt Burst - Strawberry 12.2 Oz

Cheerios, Protein Oats & Honey 14.1 Oz

Cheerios, Protein Cinnamon & Almond 14.1 Oz

Cheerios Plus - Ancient Grains 11.6 Oz

Cheerios Multi-Grain Peanut Butter 11.3 Oz

Cheerios Multi-Grain Gluten Free 18 Oz

Cheerios Multi-Grain Gluten Free 12 Oz

Cheerios Multi-Grain Dark Chocolate Crunch 12.1 Oz

Cheerios Honey Nut Medley Crunch 13.1 Oz

Cheerios Honey Nut, Gluten Free - Family Size 21.6 Oz

Cheerios, Gluten Free 12 Oz

Cheerios, Fruity 12 Oz

Cheerios, Frosted - Gluten Free 12 Oz

Cheerios, Frosted 17.2 Oz

Cheerios Dulce de Leche Caramel Flavored 12 Oz

Cheerios Cinnamon Burst 10 Oz

Cheerios Chocolate 17 Oz

Cheerios Honey Nut, Gluten Free 17 Oz

Cheerios, Banana Nut 10.9 Oz

Cheerios Apple Cinnamon, Gluten Free 22.7 Oz

Cheerios Apple Cinnamon 18 Oz

Cheerios, A General Mills Cereal 18 Oz

Cheerios 14 Oz

Cheerios 8.9 Oz

Cheerios 1.3 Oz

Berry Burst Cheerios Triple Berry 10.4 Oz

Apple Cinnamon Cheerios 12.9 Oz

General Mills Breakfast Pack, 8 Pouches 9.14 Oz

Get Lucky With A General Mills Cereal Best: Lucky Charms!!

Lucky Charms 1.7 Oz

Lucky Charms 11.5 Oz

Lucky Charms 20.5 Oz

Lucky Charms Swirled 1 LB 8 Oz

Lucky Charms, 3 Rainbows 16 Oz

Chocolate Lucky Charms 12 Oz

Kix 8.7 Oz

Kix 12 Oz

Kix Honey 12 Oz

Kix 18 Oz

Oatmeal Crisp W/Crunchy Almonds 17 Oz

Oatmeal Crisp Hearty Raisin 18 Oz

Trix Wildberry Red Swirls 10.7 Oz

Trix Wildberry Red Swirls 14.8 Oz

Tiny Toast, Strawberry 11.1 Oz

Tiny Toast, Blueberry 11.1 Oz

Reese's Puffs, Whole Grain 13 Oz

Reese's Puffs 18 Oz

Raisin Nut Bran 1 LB 1.1 Oz

Cocoa Puffs 11.8 Oz

Cocoa Puffs 16.5 Oz

Peanut Butter Toast Crunch 12 Oz

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Whole Grain Calcium 12.8 Oz

French Toast Crunch 11.6 Oz

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Whole Grain Calcium 12.8 Oz

Cinnamon Toast Crunch 2.0 Oz

Cinnamon Toast Crunch 12.2 Oz

Cinnamon Toast Crunch 16.2 Oz

Cinnamon Toast Crunch 17 Oz

Cinnamon Toast Crunch 20.25 Oz

Fiber One, A General Mills Cereal Specialty

Fiber One Whole Grain Original Bran Cereal 1 LB 0.2 Oz

Fiber One Whole Grain Caramel Delight 15.6 Oz

Fiber One Raisin Bran Clusters 17.25 Oz

Fiber One Protein, Maple Brown Sugar 16.2 Oz

Fiber One Nutty Clusters & Almonds 16.1 Oz

Fiber One Honey Clusters 14.25 Oz

Fiber One Frosted Shredded Wheat 15.1 Oz

Fiber One Chocolate 80 Calories 11.75 Oz

Fiber One 80 Calories Honey Squares 11.75 Oz

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