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Fast food delivery is a service Food Run Fix will be extremely happy to be tasked to do for grocery buying customers. That simply means that on the way back to your home with your groceries, if you'd like me to pick up some take out for you, I'd be proud to do it. It's complimentary from me to you! My wheels are rolling and stopping for take out on the way isn't a big problem. I serve.

I find a mindset very true about myself; when I grocery shop for food for the upcoming weeks (a two week supply for myself); I'm exhausted from gathering all of that great food together, taking it to the car, loading it up, taking it home, unloading it and putting it away to even think about making a home cooked meal that same day. It's labor and after a 48 hour work week, grocery shopping and laundry to do, quick eats solve the problem.

That's when I want some take out food. Cooking is out of the question. I don't have a feeling for it at that point in time. Shopping for my own food and putting it away... it's some kind of trigger, I swear. After buying it all, I say "What the heck, I'm ordering some fast food." It's a kind of a weird personal trait about myself that I've noticed and I hope I'm not alone on that one!

Wondering about payment for your fast food? No worries; Food Run Fix pays for it and then includes it in your delivered grocery bill when I drop it all off. I keep it all hot or cold for you in food service insulated bags.

Very detailed information about what you want is very much appreciated via Food Run Fix's contact form below. I'll correlate your name with your grocery order; I'll know who your are. Or, you can text me what you want via Food Run Fix's phone number: (608) 214-8758. The key is communication to make this work. I don't want to let you down.

In closing, I'd like to let you know that, even though your groceries are in the back on route to be delivered to you doesn't mean I can't make one more stop for some easy, fast food delivery chow for you! Lastly, I humbly thank you so very much for your business. I sincerely appreciate it. - Rex

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Subs, Hot Or Cold

Pizza Of Many Varieties

Buffalo Wings

Chinese Food

Spring Rolls

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Chicken Low Mein

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