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Fiji Water (Along With Core)

Fiji water is a bottled water that I've noticed has a presence on store shelves these days. It's pretty identifiable by it's square looking bottle. Food Run Fix hasn't tried the water. We haven't tasted the Core water listed below, either. It's our job to present the product for customers that want it (and go get it)!  I've noticed, however, a certain bottled water negativity when I go grab interesting videos that I place alongside product. In comments or created videos I've noticed backlash against bottled water!

When I do research on a product like Fiji and also CORE water, the first thing I look at is how popular the name brand is. Are people searching for it online? How many are searching for it? If it seems plausible that people are interested, then I  make a page on it, figuring that they want it.

When I do "field trips" to the store, I go down the food isles and actually look with my eyes at what stands out on the shelf. What's predominant? What pops out? What's being promoted? How empty is the spot where the product was?  I keep an eye on what people have in their shopping carts. What are they buying? All are simply indicators that are helpful in determining what product to place on this website! It's kind of fun also to do the homework :)

When I place videos from You Tube about products, I obviously get the commercials. They are professional and look good. The other type I like to get is when a company teams up to do some good with organizations. 

A good example is a video on our Planters cashew page on the value of the African Cashew Alliance that Planters is involved in! Likewise with the Fiji Water Foundation with the video below right. It's interesting, educational and noteworthy. Not everything surrounding a product need be negative!

Fiji Water, Natural Artesian 1.05 Pint

Fiji Water, Natural Artesian 1.5 Liter

Fiji Natural Artesian 1.47 Pint

Fiji Water Natural Artesian 1 Liter

Fiji Natural Artesian 11.15 FL Oz

Fiji Natural Artesian Six 1 Liter Bottles

Fiji Natural Artesian Six 11.15 FL Oz Bottles

Fiji Natural Artesian Six 16.9 FL Oz Bottles

Natural Artesian (6) 23.7 FL Oz Bottles

Core Hydration 20 FL Oz


About Core water: It's a nutrient enhanced perfect pH water with electrolytes and minerals. Perfect pH: 7.4, your body's natural pH balance. Ultra Purified with a 7 stage purification process. Free from Fluoride, Chromium 6, MTBE, Arsenic And Chlorine. The water is in a BPA Free Bottle! I don't know much about CORE. I'm seeing it on shelves everywhere, though and in shopper hands!

Core Hydration 23.9 FL Oz

Core Hydration 30.4 FL Oz

Core Hydration 30.4 FL Oz

Core Hydration 44 FL Oz

Core Organic Peach Mango Beverage 18 FL Oz

Peach Mango Organic Fruit Infused Beverage. 5 Calories Per Serving.

Core Organic Pomegranate Blue Acai 18 FL Oz

Pomegranate Blue Acai Organic Fruit Infused Beverage. 5 Calories Per Serving.

Core Organic Strawberry Banana 18 FL Oz

Strawberry Banana Organic Fruit Infused Beverage. 5 Calories Per Serving.

Core Organic Tropical Coconut 18 FL Oz

Tropical Coconut Organic Fruit Infused Beverage. 5 Calories Per Serving.

Core Organic Watermelon Lemonade 18 FL Oz

Watermelon Lemonade Fruit Infused Beverage. 5 Calories Per Serving.

Core Organic Wild Blueberry 18 FL Oz

Wild Blueberry Organic Fruit Infused Beverage. 5 Calories Per Serving.

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