Grocery Delivery FAQ'S

Hi! Thanks for considering Food Run Fix for your grocery delivery needs! Here's all the information about pricing, delivery, hours, etc. You can contact Food Run Fix here via our contact form about information on this page or leave comments or ask questions!


Currently, Food Run Fix operates on a three day schedule. We are open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with summer hours being: Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 5:00 AM - 9:00 PM and winter hours being: Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 5:00 AM - 7:00 PM

We are here to serve you, help you out, and very proud to do so. Don't hesitate to contact us with any concerns you might have! We value you and your business. Thanks for being a customer!

Contact Food Run Fix by phone or by mail:

Food Run Fix

817 15th Ave Apt 103

Monroe, WI 53566

(608) 214-8758

Your personal info will never be saved in any form on this website or in any Food Run Fix business file with the exception of our unlimited delivery package (Of course we have to know you!). When you contact Food Run Fix for grocery delivery service, that's what you get, service with no spam, no selling your information, no nothing but your invisibility, which is exactly what I appreciate when I do business with somebody. That's fair, right? :) I stand by it.


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Grocery Delivery Pricing


One Time Grocery Delivery Fee- $25.00 plus $10.00 Gas Surcharge-$35.00 Total

Better Value! Membership-Unlimited Delivery, 3 Month Minimum-$60.00 Total *

Gas Surcharge for each trip is $10.00.

* Example: If you choose to purchase Food Run Fix's Membership Package, the price is a one time cost of $60.00. You get our service for three months of our operating hours with a gas surcharge of $10.00 (may change as gas prices rise or dip) for each trip. That means if you, as a member, call us during our operating hours, we shop for your groceries, no matter how big/small your order, and deliver them to you with only the gas surcharge. It's a great deal for you and we are at your service!

Grocery Delivery Orders are treated first called, first served.


Monthly Membership-Unlimited Grocery Delivery- $29.95 

Gas Surcharge for each trip is $10.00

Orders are treated first called, first served.


One time only fee of $50.00.

Orders are treated first called, first served.

Deep After Hours

Premium Service: Rolling  my behind out of bed for you at any hour you contact me for groceries. $50.00.

What types of  pre-paid payment does Food Run Fix accept?

-Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express

-Debit Cards

How will my order be handled?

-Your cold & frozen food will be temp protected in ice packed coolers and on board freezers. Everything else will be dry bagged, of course. Since every call that Food Run Fix gets is a "first call, first served" service, our concern is that groceries should go from the store shelf to the vehicle and your home or workplace asap and we hustle to make that happen.

How will my order be processed?

-As a customer, you browse our online food isles and add your items to the cart. The prices we have listed are as accurate as we can get them. However, because of constant price fluctuations (a good example is milk or meat), we will confirm each item you cart and it's "real time" price. We then send you the order with the actual price, be it higher or lower, for your final approval and payment.

What stores will you shop at?

-Mainly Madison's Woodman's West and Madison's Woodman's East. We'll also use Pick 'N Save, Festival Foods, Metcalfe's Market, HyVee, Aldi's For Generic Brands & Walmart. If a customer would like Food Run Fix to get items at a specific store and we happen to be close to that location already, we can probably work something out :)

I'm picky about my produce and meat. Can I trust you'll make good choices for me?

-You can count on it! Food Run Fix is very concerned about quality food and we take pride in making quality selections. If there is a bigger wish about your meat choices, we'll simply take a picture of the product and send it to you for your approval!

I'm on a budget and would like generic brands, but I don't see them on your site. How can I get them?

-There will be a box or pull down menu on your cart that you can use to alert us that you want generic items.

I've decided I don't want my groceries. Take them back!

-No problem! But, be aware that there is a $10.00 fee plus a 15% restocking fee that we will charge you. If you catch us while we are still in the store shopping, then there is no fee. That's fair for Food Run Fix and fair for you. If we are on the road with your food, we charge you. If the wheels are rolling, well, you know. sure you need your groceries ;)!

Do you accept coupons?

-No, but we check store flyers and if they have coupons in it for your particular items, we will use them.

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