Rib Eye Steak: This Is A Great Cut Of Meat!

A rib eye steak is one of the best cuts of beef.

This cut comes from the rib area of a beef steer. It's marbled, tasty, flavorable, and one heck of a grill item for you or your guests! Expect to pay a premium for this cut of meat. It's worth it, though.
Want to impress your family or party guests? Trot this beef out on ice before you throw them on your smoking grill! You'll make friends you never thought you had before.
I'm not a butcher, only a guy that delivers meat cuts to you, but, the Rib, from which many other cuts come from like the prime rib eye roast and rib eye fillets (below), is the very best.

Rib Eye Steak
Rib Eye Filet
Rib Roast, Bone In

Rib Eye Steak! Your money and you shall soon be parted by the cashier! I love this cut; hate the price. The steaks run $8.00 to $10.00 per pound, depending. They are Choice (Second Grade), meaning they are lightly marbled with fat, not too much but not so lean either. You'll find this 2nd grade cut in most supermarkets, thankfully!

The others are Prime (First Grade), most marbled and Select (Third Grade), least marbled. Tasty? Beyond a doubt. Expensive? Very true.

Beef, as any hard core worker, trainer, or nutritionist knows, is a core protein food.

What Goes Good With A Rib Eye?

Some very nice attributes to compliment an exquisite cut of meat, strictly a Midwest feed!

Add fries, french fried onions, steak sauce or onions, topped off with tater tots and grilled with a deadly tasteful mesquite charcoal fueled by Kingsford lighter fluid to ignite it all, scaring your friends, family and neighbors with a huge flareup! Hey, it's all good!

Top With Dry Onions!
Serve a side of seasoned fries!
Jack Daniel's Steak Sauce!
Put Sliced Mushrooms On The Top!
Personal Favorite, Onion Tater Tots, Don't Tell Anyone.
Garlic And Black Pepper Fries
A Great Mesquite Smoke
KingsFord Fuel
Garlic Bread
Gold And White Corn

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