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Need US Stamps? Food Run Fix will deliver them to you, along with any grocery items you need. It's a courtesy on my part and a very deep appreciation of your trust and business.

Everybody needs a stamp at some point. I purchased two today (8/10/19) from a stamp machine at Stop N Go in Monroe, Wisconsin and I have to tell you; I had a mother of a time getting the backing off of them to affix them to the letter I needed to send out.

I have no problems with any US stamps purchased from my local post office in Monroe. They peel like fruit. This sounds like an older person issue; a feeble problem; my hands don't work; my eyes are bad but I have to sincerely assure you, those stamps purchased at Stop N Go are not user friendly. It's not Stop N Go's fault; it's a quality issue direct from our government. Go figure.

I know, there's bigger problems in the world today then a messed up sticky back stamp. Heh! I just had to vent a little there.

I won't whine any longer. I will get you some Federal stamps to mail your letters and documents with a smile!

Some say the act of written and sent communication including the stamp is dying or damned near dead. I certainly hope that's not true because there's something about the art of script and the person that sets the pen to page behind said letter. I remember being in seventh grade; receiving instructions from teacher Marge Holmes with very extreme ideas on how to properly fold a letter. She was serious about it and not above punishment like holding heavy encyclopedias in front of the class on outstretched hands shoulder high for missed homework. 

(I was one victim.) All true. The fact is, she was prissy for proper communication and was faultless in it's execution, bless her heart. I will give her a shout out here even though she's passed; Thank you teacher. You seemed hard at the time and you gave me more then I think I can contribute. I'll try, though. That all brings me back to the stamp.

Old Margie would roll over in her grave about the possibility of US stamps disappearing and going belly up. I hope that it doesn't happen. The internet and email is causing quite a quake within the communication arena; why buy a stamp when you can send info online, (which isn't a free product at home), by the way? Hopefully, the classic birthday card will keep all afloat as three hundred million + residents in the United States still have birthdays. I'll start with "Forever" stamps, all themed and interesting which you can use ten years from now, if you like. :) At the end of the line, I would hope that our government would seek to preserve the postal service.

WW I, Turning The Tide 20 Each

Wild And Scenic Rivers 12 Each

USS Missouri 20 Each

US Flag 20 Each

Tyrannosaurus Rex Stamps 16 Each

Transcontinental Railroad 18 Each

WoodStock 20 Each

Star Trek 20 Each

Star Ribbon 20 Each

Sesame Street 16 Each

Military Working Dogs 20 Each

Lunar New Year Of The Boar 12 Each

Marvin Gaye 16 Each

Little Mo 20 Each

John Lennon 16 Each

Hot Wheels 20 Each

Honoring First Responders 20 Each

1969 First Moon Landing 24 Each

Post Office Murals 10 Each

Hearts Blossom 20 Each

George H. W. Bush 20 Each

Ellsworth Kelly 20 Each

Frogs 20 Each

Dragons 16 Each

Cactus Flowers 20 Each

Birds In Winter 20 Each

Art Of Magic 20 Each

Gregory Hines 20 Each

State And County Fairs 20 Each

Alabama Statehood 20 Each

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