Morton Salt

Morton salt is such a common commodity and a mainstay of the spice cabinet, you wouldn't think anything interesting would happen with it, but I have a little story ;) This happened back in the late 1970's. The characters: three brothers & our father. The place: dining room table Tool used: salt.

I was about 13 years old, with one younger brother and an older brother who was quite the practical joker. He thought it would be funny if he "loosened" the cap on the saltshaker; he knew our father, who had come home bear hungry, was frying up some red potatoes and onions and would use that salt.

Dad sat down, grabbed the salt and tipped it over his spuds, and you can imagine what happened! My older brother was cracking up; my 13-year-old self wondering why I let it happen and my poor younger brother sitting there waiting for some food. My father was pissed! He picked up his plate and threw it out the back door. It was winter with snow and the last vivid memory I have of the moment was the hot plate of oversalted potatoes sinking down into the snow. My, memories!


Morton Salt Since 1848 Non-Iodide 1 LB 10 Oz


Morton Since 1848 Iodized Salt 1 LB 10 Oz


Since 1848 Iodized Sea Salt 1 LB 10 Oz


Morton Popcorn Salt 1 LB 10 Oz


Morton Iodized Salt Since 1848, Four Oz Shakers


Morton Iodized Salt & Black Pepper Since 1848, 5.25 Oz


Morton Pink Salt & Black Pepper Twin Pack 5.25 Oz


All Natural Himalayan Course Pink Salt 1 LB 1.6 Oz


All Natural Himalayan Fine Pink Salt 17.6 Oz


Morton Since 1848, Fine Sea Salt 1 LB 1.6 Oz


Since 1848 Coarse Sea Salt 1 LB 1.6 Oz


Morton Since 1848 Coarse Kosher Salt 16 Oz


Morton Season All Seasoned Salt 3.25 Oz


Morton Season All Seasoned Salt 8 Oz


Morton Season All Seasoned Salt 16 Oz


Season All Seasoned Salt Less Sodium 8 Oz


Morton Nature's Seasons Seasoning Blend 7.5 Oz


Morton Garlic Sea Salt 100 Percent Natural 8.5 Oz


Morton Lite Salt 50% Less Sodium 11 Oz


Tender Quick Home Meat Curing Salt 2 LB 


Morton Coarse Kosher Passover Salt 3L B


Since 1848 Everyday Table Salt 4 LB


Since 1848 Canning & Pickling Salt 4 LB


Since 1848 Rock Salt Ice Cream Salt 4 LB


Everybody knows that salt is really a mineral, sodium chloride as a matter of fact. We use it as table salt via flavoring in dishes, soups and just about everything we eat which adds to a dietician's brain hemorrhage that's exhausted preaching about why we shouldn't use salt so much :) We know that, dieticians. Thank you for your kind wisdom along with all of your heart doctor friends making six figures or more. Not to throw shade.

Concentrating on the "Tender Quick Home Meat Curing Salt 2 LB", added are meats that are complimentary to the curing, so kind of bear with me! You'll see a lot of stores that season meat, but are they curing meat? 

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