Morton Salt

Morton Salt; how could anybody possibly live without it? These days, we've learned to manage our intake of salt. A little goes a long ways. Having any kind of meat, chicken, or chops on the grill requires some kind of sodium for taste, and Morton has always been there for us. Morton is supplied by a dangerous method of producing salt which is underground mining. Morton has many suppliers all over the world. We take the salt for granted; we shouldn't.

Shelf Life: Forever

Salt has a huge history. People have died over salt. Wars have been waged over the salt that we shake over our eggs, potatoes, and just about any food product we eat. A container of salt, a mere .60 cents in 2016, definitely has an invisible blood stamp on it from eons past. We don't know it, of course, and we wouldn't want to face it.

Salt is cheap. The push these days is for seasoning, tailor made to any meal that we might be making, steak, chops, roast, chicken, or side dishes. Blended seasoning is a big deal and that includes salt.

What about that little girl with the umbrella & spilling salt? How did that amazing Morton icon come about? That girl is probably the oldest little girl in product icon history. The girl is an ad agency creation (1914), created without much of a thought. The American public made her an icon, and when I go into the store, I don't even have to read. I can simply reach for the blue labeled, umbrella holding girl  in a cylinder container that contains salt! Incredibly visual, totally branded; Morton got it down and got it right! Case closed.

Morton Season All Salt 25 Percent Less Sodium 8 Oz

Morton Season All, Seasoned Salt 16 Oz

Morton Season All, Seasoned Salt 8 Oz

Morton Sea Salt Rub, Southwest BBQ 4.5 Oz

Morton Sea Salt Rub, Cracked Peppercorn And Herb 3.9 Oz

Morton Substitute For Salt Free Diets 3 & 1/8 Oz

Morton Salt Mill Refill, Sea Salt 14 Oz

Morton Iodized 8 Oz, Two Pack

Morton Salt 26 Oz

Popcorn Salt, Super Fine - 3 & 3/4 Oz

Nature's Seasons Blend, 25 Percent Less Sodium 7.5 Oz

Morton Natural Sea Salt, All Purpose 26 Oz

Morton Mediterranean Sea Salt, Fine 17.6 Oz

Morton Mediterranean Sea Salt, Coarse 17.6 Oz

Morton Lite Salt Mixture, 50 Percent Less Sodium 11 Oz

Morton Iodized Salt & Pepper, 2 Pack 1.25 Oz

Morton Iodized Sea Salt, All Purpose 26 Oz

Morton Iodized Salt 26 Oz

Morton Grinder Sea Salt 2.9 Oz

Morton Grinder Roasted Garlic With Sea Salt 1.5 Oz

Morton Grinder Black Peppercorn 1.24 Oz

Morton Garlic Sea Salt 8.5 Oz

Morton Extra Course Sea Salt Grinder 5.3 Oz

Morton Coarse Kosher Salt 48 Oz

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