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I love Shake and Bake! I made some chicken leg and thigh quarters this weekend and they were extremely good with this coating. Coating chicken with the mix is the easy part, but cleaning chicken is a big pain in the behind. Patience is definitely a virtue when cleaning chicken. I recommend some cold drinks and music while going through the task of cleaning chicken!  Chicken leg and thigh quarters can be purchased from Walmart very cheaply from .57 cents a LB to .80 cents a LB! The brand is "Gold Leaf" and sold in a ten LB bag, perfect for a S & B treatment. This chicken needs to be cleaned.

Cleaning can be minimized by purchasing boneless, skinless chicken breasts or thighs. Make chicken nuggets easy by roughly cubing chicken breasts then coating them. Again, Walmart wins with their $1.99 to $2.00 a LB skinless, boneless chicken breasts (everyday!). Chicken legs are pretty simple to skin and coat, reasonably priced and tasty. They look good, too, for any party as an appetizer! Wings are awesome and a big hit for a game day or any party using Shake And Bake.

Pork chops, tenderloins and pork steak are even easier to prep and bake! Zero cleaning involved, though a little simple fat trimming will make them healthier. Food Run Fix can and will get any of this meat for you and this tasty coating!


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For Chicken Or Pork

Parmesan Crusted, For Chicken Or Pork 5.75 Oz

 BBQ Glaze, For Chicken Or Pork 7 Oz

Italian, For Chicken Or Pork 5.75 Oz

Original, For Chicken 2.05 Oz

For Chicken

Original, For Chicken 5.5 Oz

Parmesan Crusted 4.75 Oz

Original, For Chicken 4.5 Oz

Original, For Chicken 11 Oz

Original, For Chicken - Value Size 9 Oz

Crispy Buffalo, For Chicken 4.75 Oz

Extra Crispy, For Chicken 5 Oz

Hot And Spicy, For Chicken 4.75 Oz

For Pork

Original, For Pork 2.25 Oz

Original, For Pork 5 Oz

Original, For Pork 6 Oz

Original, For Pork - Value Size 10 Oz

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