Archway Cookies

I like Archway Cookies!

They bring to my mind warm memories of holidays. It's part of a collective picture of what a "holiday" should include. A Christmas tree, presents, hot chocolate with marshmallows, more presents, family and friends, great food like a roast, cheesy potatoes, green vegetables, good conversation and perhaps a little wine! Lastly, more presents!

These cookies bring to my mind flavors that I have forgotten. The few that come back to me as I view these product pictures are classic oatmeal and those delicious cashew nougat treats!

Stick with Food Run Fix as we roll out a nice carpet of cookies; quality cookies from a quality brand!

Note to self: they make a great gift for people that you & I care for.

Archway started simple enough, with cookies in 1936. Ruth and Harold Swanson were a baking couple in Battle Creek, Michigan. They made cookies and donuts right out of their garage! As successful businesses go, they were purchased by a large conglomerate as time went by but the quality and flavor hasn't changed. I eat cookies minimally these days, but I distinctly remember those Iced Molasses cookies!

They were awesome! Especially coming out of a freezer! Great chewing activity there...

Cookie Thins Chocolate Chip, Gluten Free 6 Oz

Cookie Thins Brown Sugar And Oatmeal 7 Oz

Cookie Chips, Cinnamon And Sugar 7 Oz

Classic Triple Chocolate 9.5 Oz

Classics Soft Raspberry Filled 9 Oz

Classics Soft Oatmeal Raisin 9.25 Oz

Classics Soft Oatmeal 9.5 Oz

Classics Soft Molasses 9.5 Oz

Classics Soft Iced Oatmeal Cookies 9.25 Oz

Classics Soft Frosty Lemon 9.25 Oz

Classics Crispy Windmill Cookies 9 Oz

Classic Peanut Butter 9.5 Oz

Circus Animals, Crispy Bites 10 Oz

Chocolate Chip, Soft 9 Oz

Cherry Chip Nougat 6 Oz

Cashew Nougat, Original 6 Oz

Cashew Nougat 6 Oz

Bells And Stars 6 Oz

Gingersnap Cookies, Crispy 12 Oz

Cookie Thins, Sugar Cookie - Gluten Free 6 Oz

Gingerbread Man 10 Oz

Ginger Snaps, Crispy

Ginger Snaps, Crispy 13 Oz

Ginger Snaps Crispy, Reduced Fat 13 Oz

Holiday Gingerbread Man

Iced Gingerbread 6 Oz

Iced Lemonade, Crispy 13 Oz

Iced Molasses, Soft 12 Oz

Iced Molasses, Soft 13 Oz

Iced Molasses, Soft Snacking Cookies

Iced Oatmeal, Crispy 13 Oz

Iced Oatmeal, Crispy Bites 12 Oz

Iced Oatmeal Crispy Snacking Cookies

Pfeffernusse 6 Oz

Soft Dutch Cocoa 8.75 Oz

Specialties, Chocolate Chip Bites 6 Oz

Specialties, Coconut Macaroon 10 Oz

Mini Salted Caramel Shortbread 6 Oz

Specialties, Shortbread 8.75 Oz

Specialties, Wedding Cake 6 Oz

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