AW Root Beer

AW Root Beer is definitely a unique flavor and immediately recognizable to the taste buds. Freezing cold out of an ice cold cooler is the best way to drink it! Another great treat using root beer is in a ice cream float. Nothing better!

It's rather hard to describe the very earthy taste of this soft drink. You simply have to experience it for yourself to appreciate the taste. You'll find that no other knock off root beer has that distinct flavor that this brand has.

When I came to Brodhead, Wisconsin in 1984, there was an AW restaurant there that actually brought drink and food right to your car. The mugs of root beer were exactly how you'd picture them, heavy, frosty, tasty, and flavor-able. That's how they brought them to you, frozen, totally chilled, and with cold smoke tendrils rising from the glass mug. When you sipped it, you knew why AW is king and still is. On a hot summer day, especially after work, that root beer was a reward all by itself!

Sadly, that restaurant is torn down now, along with the one in Monroe, Wisconsin, where I now live. DQ couldn't be happier (that's because the car show had to move from AW to the Dairy Queen, a right of passage in Monroe, WI & a boon to DQ's business), but AW springs to life in unsuspecting places like Monticello, WI combined with Godfather's Pizza (another great pizza place I ate at in my youth). I thought Godfather's was going down too, but they're hanging in there!

AW is surviving in the Wisconsin cities of Windsor, DeForest, Lodi, & Edgerton! Go AW!

P.S. I threw in some cream soda which is outstanding all by itself.

Root Beer Made With Aged Vanilla, 10 Calories 12 Pack, 12 FL Oz Each

Root Beer Made With Aged Vanilla, 6 Pack  12 FL Oz Each

Root Beer Made With Aged Vanilla 6 Pack 8 FL Oz Each

Root Beer, 24 Cans 12 FL Oz Each

Root Beer, 12 Cans 12 FL Oz Each

Root Beer, 8 Bottles 12 FL Oz Each

Root Beer, 6 Bottles 20 FL Oz Each

Root Beer, 6 Bottles 16.9 FL Oz Each

Root Beer 2 Liter

Diet Root Beer 2 Liter

Cream Soda, 20 FL Oz Bottles

Cream Soda, 12 Cans

AW Cream Soda, 2 Liter

Diet AW Root Beer, Six 20 Oz Bottles

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