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Ball Park Franks

Ball Park! Yum! I love a great hot dog. It must be the devil in me because everybody says, from doctors on down the list that they are terrible. Are they? Perhaps, but I shudder to think that going through life without a loaded hot dog is criminal to the human experience which is to live and eat brightly.

You got your dogs with ketchup and mustard. Then there's a delicious chili dog, crammed with red onion. Sauerkraut like a wet blanket on a frankfurter is a plus and hot and steamed in a warm bun plain is like a food heaven. Got cheese? You can cheese them! Dieticians need not weigh in on the marvel of hot dog sales. Deny yourself this delectable food? No. A thousand times no.

Tailgating these dogs in a parking lot at any kind of live game, especially in Wisconsin is boss. It's expected along with a few cold ones!

Of course, old school yes, but tasty...wrap them in Pillsbury biscuits and simply bake them for a great appetizer.

Food Run Fix will be happy to get these dogs or franks to you.

Ball Park Beef Hot Dogs

Park's Finest Beef, Signature Seasoned 14 Oz

Park's Finest Beef, Slow Smoked Hickory 14 Oz

Size Beef Franks 15 Oz

Lean Angus Beef Franks 14 Oz

Lean Beef Franks Made With 100% Beef 14 Oz

Beef Franks, 16 Count 32 Oz

Angus Beef Franks, Bun Size 1 LB

Angus Beef Franks, Bun Size 15 Oz

Angus Beef Franks, Original 1 LB

Angus Beef Franks, Original 14 Oz

Angus Beef Franks, Original 15 Oz

Beef Franks 1 LB

Beef Franks 15 Oz

Beef Franks 16 Count 1 LB 14 Oz

Bun Size Beef Franks 1 LB

Bun Size Franks Made W/Pork, Turkey & Chicken 15 Oz

Chicken, Turkey, & Pork Franks

Bun Size Franks Made With Turkey, Pork & Beef 1 LB

 Franks Made With Pork, Turkey & Chicken 15 Oz

Franks Made With Pork, Turkey & Chicken 15 Oz

Franks Made With Pork, Turkey & Chicken 16 Count 1 LB 14 Oz

Hot Dog Singles, Franks Made W/Turkey, Pork & Beef - Microwavable 8 Each 12.8 Oz

Smoked White Turkey Franks Made W/All White Turkey Meat 14 Oz

Hot Dog Buns -  Eight Count 13 Oz

New England Style Hot Dog Rolls 8 Each 13 Oz

Tailgaters Brat Buns, Six Count 1 LB

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