Beef Shish Kabobs

Beef shish kabobs are a certain food in life that personally brings me creative and tasty grilled joy :)! Making beef and vegetable kabobs is definitely an art! There's something about the blend of red onion, beef chunks (or chicken/shrimp), fresh mushrooms, bell pepper chunks, garlic bulbs, zucchini and cherry tomatoes on a wooden stick, cooked slowly on a grill, gas or charcoal (preferred *) with some serious smoke box wood chips like mesquite, cherry and hickory. I prefer beef tenderloin on kabobs. Beef tenderloin isn't cheap ($8.00 to $10 a pound), but it is exquisite, tender and tasty.

I won't make beef kabobs with anything BUT tenderloin. Why? The simple reasoning behind any meat on a kabob is that you don't want to keep chewing and chewing to break it down simply to swallow it! It's bad form at any get together; family event, government think tank, lawyer get together or a company celebration. Feasting on kabobs shouldn't be a chore, no way! Especially at a party. Nobody desires to see a meat ripping cannibal at a party, tearing tough cuts of beef apart with human canine teeth. Eating shouldn't be that hard and anybody planning will make sure that won't happen. That's how I roll. That's how Rex does it.

*A word about charcoal grilling: I love a good, convenient gas grill. Who doesn't? A true grill master, however, understands coals and heat indexes; when to place food and when to take it off the grill. I do believe the food that you're grilling determines the grilling tool. High fat foods like ground hamburger, brats, and hot dogs are best on charcoal when it's way low and controlled by you. I find kabobs do well on charcoal because of the vegetables involved with that food construction. You don't want to burn your vegetables. Charcoal heat is controlled by you. Solid meat cuts can do well on gas. That gas knob only goes so far down, then stops, uncontrollable for high fat meats.

Lest I bore you with grilling tips, I present items Food Run Fix will get you to make some serious bad boy kabobs! Meat, vegetables, sticks, seasonings and spray oil, hey if the store has it, I'll put it together for you.

Sharp Red Onion

Green Zucchini

Red Tomato

Sweet Yellow Onion

Whole Baby Bella Mushrooms

Green Asparagus

Yellow Squash

Tenderloin Tips

Tenderloin Medallions

Tasty Shrimp

Chipotle Seasoning

Garlic Powder

Bamboo Wood Skewers

Pam Olive Oil

There's no rule about putting together kabobs except for a certain recommendation by me. Once you get the raw meat and vegetables on the kabob stick, spray the whole thing with olive oil cooking spray, then season. The seasoning sticks to the oil. Cook low and flip for about twenty minutes watching closely (don't over cook) and you got yourself one heck of a great meal!

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