The Best Cola, Pepsi?

Ahhh, Pepsi, a best cola for many. Is there nothing better then a bubbly, dark cola, with it's sharp flavor, adding to our drinks, fast food meals, and just in general, on a hot summer day?

Pepsi and it's by-products, are in your face as far as advertising goes; but I don't believe they are beating Coca Cola right now. From the 1970's "Taste Tests" to the present, Pepsi and Coke have been ripping on each other. It also seems the "best cola" war between them has been documented and hyped largely since 1985.

Pepsi started out as a syrup in 1893, like Coca Cola.

Today vs Long Ago: Back in the "good ole' days", Pepsi, along with Coke, was promoted as a kind of health drink, claiming to ease stomach issues, among other aliments. It seems that things haven't changed in 140 years. We still have health drinks claiming this today!

Pepsi was so elevated by the the 60's, Joan Crawford, Hollywood star, married Pepsi-Cola President Alfred N. Steele, and apparently tried to control company issues after his death, only to be bullied out, scorned, and despised by the board at that time.

A few celebrities who have promoted Pepsi are: Michael Jackson, Pink, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Enrique Iglesias, & David Beckham.

At any rate, Food Run Fix delivers your favorites, Coke or Pepsi.....That's what we do.....!

Pepsi Cola with a burger and fries.
Simple & Straight UpSimple & Straight Up
A Pepsi Cola Cocktail!

Pepsi 24 Cans

Pepsi 12 Pack

Pepsi Mini-Cans (6) 8 Oz Cans

Pepsi 2 Liter

Pepsi Six Pack 16 Oz Each

Pepsi Eight 7.5 Oz Cans

Pepsi Four 12 Oz Bottles

Pepsi 1.5 Liter

 A Great Diet Drink, Diet Pepsi

Diet Pepsi 24 Cans

Diet Pepsi 12 Pack

Diet Pepsi Mini Cans

Diet Pepsi 2 Liter

Diet Pepsi Four 12 Oz Cans

Diet Pepsi 1.5 Liter

Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi 24 Cans

Caffeine Free Pepsi 12 Pack

Diet Pepsi Caffeine Free Four 12 Oz Cans

Pepsi Caffeine Free 2 Liter

Pepsi Max 12 Pack 12 Oz Cans

Pepsi Max Six 16.9 Oz Bottles

Pepsi Max 2 Liter

Pepsi Max 1.5 Liter Bottle

Pepsi Next 12 Pack

Pepsi Next 8 Pack 7.5 Oz Each

Pepsi Next 2 Liter

Pepsi Next 20 Oz

Pepsi Next Cherry Vanilla Flavored Cola 12 Pack

Pepsi Next Cherry Vanilla Flavored Cola 20 Oz

Pepsi Next Paradise Mango Flavored Cola 12 Pack

Pepsi Next Paradise Mango Flavored Cola 20 Oz

Pepsi Throwback With Real Sugar 12 Pack

Pepsi Throwback With Real Sugar 2 Liter

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