You gotta love Cheetos! Crunchy, cheesy, toasty, puffy and totally branded; the product is addictive! And notwithstanding; the hot ones are absolutely flaming hot. No words can truly explain the culinary delight of trying to eat them without crying like a baby. Chester Cheetah has it right. "It's not easy being cheesy." Branded, colorful, fun and strictly bad (in a good way!), Frito-Lay has won the prize for a snack that no one can copy. Food Run Fix wouldn't want it any other way! Gotta get cheesy? Order and we'll get it right to you.

Did you know? I live in Wisconsin and milk cows are as common as cars on a street here. When I did a little research (read: internet search :), I was floored to know that it takes 5,000 cows to make a year’s worth of this snack's seasoning. That's 11 million gallons of milk. Thank you, Frito Lay for keeping the dairy industry hopping in Wisconsin.

Frito Lay has a plant in Beloit, WI, not more then 45 minutes from Food Run Fix and is a job creating machine. They make those darn tasty Corn Chips and Sun Chips!

The commercial to the right shows the brand name as Chee-tos, which got changed at some point. Nobody thought twice about it. Sublime.

Now that I've seen this ad, I do remember it. The original mascot was a mouse. Slightly English and terribly boring. It's no wonder why the mouse was replaced with the cooler Chester Cheetah.

Being a cartoon doesn't hurt either. Kids respond and so do adults. I do. I love animation. The medium inspires some fun which is what Cheetos throws out there along with a tasty snack.

Healthy food? Don't even think about it as you order that sub sandwich. No guilt please!

1, 2, & 3 Oz (Smaller Bags)

Crunchy Xtra Flamin' Hot, One & 1/8 Oz

2 For $1 Crunchy Flamin' Hot Limon 1 & 1/8 Oz

2 For $1 Puffs 1 Oz

Crunchy Cheddar Jalapeno, 1 & 1/8 Oz

Puffs, 2 & 1/4 Oz

Crunchy Cheddar Jalapeno, 2 & 1/8 Oz

Crunchy Flamin' Hot, 2 & 1/4 Oz

Crunchy, 2 & 1/4 Oz

Puffs Flamin' Hot, 3 & 3/8 Oz

Puffs, 3 & 3/8 Oz

Flamin' Hot Cheetos & Doritos Dinamita & Chile Limon, 3 & 1/4 Oz

Cheetos Crunchy Wild Habanero, 3 & 1/2 Oz

Crunchy Cheddar Jalapeno, 3 & 1/2 Oz

Crunchy Flamin' Hot, 3 & 1/2 Oz

Crunchy, 3 & 1/2 Oz

Flamin' Hot Puffs, 8.5 Oz

Puffs, Family Size

Mix-Ups, Flamin' Hot Cheezy Mix 8 Oz

Oven Baked Crunchy Cheese, 50% Less Fat 7 & 5/8 Oz

Mix-Ups Xtra Cheesy Mix, Cheddar Double Nacho & Parmesan, 8 & 3/4 Oz

Mix-Ups Cheezy Salsa Mix, Picante, Chipotle, Cheddar & Jalapeno, 8 & 3/4Oz

Puffs Honey BBQ, 9 & 3/4 Oz

Flamin' Hot Limon Crunchy, 9 Oz

Flamin' Hot & Crunchy, 8.5 Oz

Crunchy Party Size, 17.5 Oz

Crunchy, Family Size

Crunchy Cheesy Cheddar BBQ, 9 & 3/4 Oz

Crunchy, 12 Singles To Go 1 Oz Each

Crunchy, 8.5 Oz

Cheddar & Jalapeno Crunchy, 9 & 1/2 Oz

Baked Crunchy Cheese, 10 Oz

Mix Ups Cheezy Salsa Mix, Picante, Chipotle, Jalapeno & Cheddar 8 Oz

Chester Snacks & Popcorn

Chester's Snack Mix , Crazy Cheddar Flavored 5 Oz

Chester's Puffcorn, Cheese Flavored 4.5 Oz

Chester's Puffcorn, Butter Flavored 3.5 Oz

Chester's Popcorn,  Flamin' Hot 2 & 5/8 Oz

Chester's Popcorn, Butter 2 & 5/8 Oz

Chester's Fries, Flamin' Hot 4 Oz

Chester's Fries, Bacon & Cheddar 5.5 Oz

Chester's Fries, Bacon & Cheddar 4 Oz

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