Chips Ahoy Cookies

Chips Ahoy Cookies, ice cream, and being ten years old, a combo that nobody can forget.

This is a cookie that is older then me by two years; I'm 50. It's pretty amazing that a product can have this kind of run! I mean, it's just a chocolate chip cookie, right? Marketing plays a big part here along with convenience...some people don't want to monkey with baking their own chocolate chip cookies from scratch.

That's where these cookies come into play. When I go into a store, I see that this aisle is just loaded with the product! Get yourself some vanilla ice cream and enjoy some lowdown treachery to your body in a fit of sugar craving!

12 Pack W/ Nutter Butter, & Oreo 1 LB 5.2 Oz

12 Packs 16.8 Oz

Candy Blasts 12.4 Oz

Candy Blasts 14 Oz

Chewy 13 Oz

Chewy Chocolate Chip 14 Oz

Chewy, Chocolate Made With Reese's 9.5 Oz

Chewy, Family Size 19.5 Oz

Chewy Gooey Caramel 10 Oz

Chewy, Made With Reese's 9.5 Oz

Chewy Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Creations 9.5 Oz

Chewy, Soft, Birthday Frosting Filled 9.6 Oz

Chewy, Soft, Brownie Filled 9.5 Oz

Chewy, Soft, Mocha Chunk Ice Cream Creations 9.5 Oz

Chewy, Soft, Oreo Creme Filled 9.6 Oz

Chewy, Soft, Root Beer Float Ice Cream Creations 9.5 Oz

Chewy Sweet & Salty Caramel Chunk 9.5 Oz

Choco Chunky & Crunchy 10.25 Oz

Cookies Chunky 13 Oz

Chunky & Crunchy 11.75 Oz

Chunky - King Size 8 Cookies

Classic Mix, 20 Packs 1 LB 4 Oz

Crunchy Coconut Chunky 10.25 Oz

Crunchy Limited Edition, Chocolate Banana 9.5 Oz

Family Size - Chunky & Crunchy 1 LB 2 Oz

Filled Soft, Limited Edition, Hot Cocoa 10 Oz

Fun Shapes, 20 Packs 1 LB 4 Oz

Go Paks Minis 3.5 Oz

Halloween W/Orange Colored Chips 12.2 Oz

 Heath Toffee 9.5 Oz

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups 9.5 Oz

Mini 12 Packs 12 Oz

Minis 12 Packs, Oreo, Nutter Butter, Mini Chips Ahoy 12 Oz

Mini Snak-Saks 8 Oz

Oatmeal, Chewy 13 Oz


Original 13.72 Oz

Original Family Size 18.2 Oz

Original Family Sized 1 LB 8 Oz

Reduced Fat 13.72 Oz

Reduced Fat 15.25 Oz

Resealable Packaging 15.25 Oz

Soft, Chewy Brownie - Limited Edition 9.5 Oz

Soft, Chewy, Fudge Filled 10 Oz

Soft "Dulce de Leche" Ice Cream Creations 9.5 Oz

Thin Crisps - 100 Cal 6 Packs 4.86 Oz

White Fudge Chunky 13 Oz

Chips Ahoy Cookies White Fudge - Chunky, Crunchy 11.75 Oz

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