Devour Frozen Meals

Devour Frozen Meals are an easy hunger fix!

I'm thankful for microwavable meals, especially these meals. It's another big hit put out by the Heinz company, you know, the company who places the "C" in convenience and condiments!

There's good dishes here: Mac & Cheese, Lasagna, meat and pasta bowls and pizza.

Like I said, they are microwavable and perfect for work when time is tight and perhaps going "out to lunch" just doesn't work because you're too busy (or trying to cut some costs by eating in).

Why not pick up a few and try them? Of course, you know that Food Run Fix will deliver them as fast as a monkey eats bananas..ahem, well, you get the drift.

White Cheddar Mac And Cheese With Bacon 12 Oz - Gemelli Pasta In Creamy Cheese Sauce Topped W/White Cheddar Cheese And Hearty Pieces Of Applewood Smoked Bacon

Chicken Cordon Bleu Mac And Cheese 10.5 Oz - Spiral Pasta In A Creamy Swiss And Provolone Cheese Sauce W/Juicy Chicken And Pieces Of Smoked Ham

Buffalo Chicken Mac And Cheese 12 Oz - Pasta Shells Tossed With Premium Breaded White Meat Chicken In A Creamy Buffalo Cheddar Cheese Sauce Topped With Real Blue Cheese

Pesto Ravioli With Spicy Italian Sausage 12 Oz - Tender Ravioli Filled With Ricotta Cheese In A Classic Basil And Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Pesto Sauce Topped With Parmesan Cheese And Italian Sausage

Pulled Chicken Burrito Bowl 12 Oz - Pulled White Meat Chicken, Black Beans, Vegetable Blend Topped With Creamy Chili Sauce, Monterey Jack & Cheddar Cheeses 

Sweet And Smoky Angus Beef 10 Oz - Tender Angus Beef In A Sweet And Smoky Sauce With Southwest Style Corn And Potato Hash

Sweet And Tangy Pulled Pork 10 Oz - Tender Pulled Pork In A Tangy Mustard Sauce With Bourbon Glazed Sweet Potatoes

Tortellini Alfredo With Italian Sausage 11.5 Oz - Tortellini Pasta Stuffed With Cheese In Creamy Alfredo Sauce Wi/Juicy Italian Sausage 11.5 Oz

Lasagna Alfredo With Bacon And Sausage 12 Oz - Lasagna Layered With Mozzarella And Ricotta Cheeses, Applewood Smoked Bacon And Italian Sausage In An Alfredo Sauce

Bacon Topped Meat Loaf With Smoky Garlic Mac & Cheese 10 Oz - Thick Sliced Meatloaf Beef & Pork With Applewood Bacon, Spicy Ketchup And Smoky Garlic With Mac And Cheese

Bacon Topped Turkey With Garlic Sauce 10 Oz - Applewood Smoked Bacon On Turkey Medllions And Savory Sausage Stuffing In A Garlic Cream Sauce

Italian Sausage Lasagna 12.5 Oz - Lasagna Layered With Mozzarella, Ricotta Cheese And Italian Sausage In A Rich Marinara Sauce

Chicken And Waffles 9.25 Oz - Premium Crispy Breaded White Meat Chicken Patty Strips Served With Belgian Waffle Sticks And A Side Of Syrup For Dipping

Chicken Enchiladas 12 Oz - Enchiladas Stuffed With Premium Pulled Chicken Topped With A Blend Of Cheeses And A Zesty Sour Cream Sauce Over Corn, Black Beans And Bell Peppers

Deep Dish Three Meat Pizza 8 Oz - Zesty Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Smoked Bacon W/Tangy Tomato Sauce & Mozzarella Cheese. Deep Dish Crust

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