Dry Bean Soup
(How To Get The Materials & Construct A Great Meal!)

Dry bean soup. I love it. I'm currently cooking a pot of large Lima beans with ham. A lot of people don't like beans. The don't like the pasty texture or taste of them, the after effects, or the gummy texture.  I love them. I really like bean soup with ham in it and served with hot corn bread! Talk about a meal! I have to give my dad and mom credit for being introduced to dry beans because I learned to cook them from my parents. They were both originally from the southern regions where beans are an important food staple to people.

Beans are good for you. They are high in fiber, protein, low in fat and cost. Really, all you need to make a simple pot of beans is some salt and pepper, perhaps some onions, red, or yellow, and ham if you'd like. Add a little garlic or bay leaves in the beans for a different flavor. You can experiment with them. Hey, it's a dry bean soup!

Not all beans are created equal. White colored beans like large (Butter Beans/Large Limas) and small Lima Beans, Great Northern Beans, and Navy beans, in my opinion, should be cooked slowly on real low and all day. Never boil these bean groups.

Don't soak these beans, either. Why is that? That's because these beans are thin skinned and if a cook violently boils them they turn to mush, in essence, making the bean soup a pulp with no noticeable bean form. Bean paste is what you end up with! You really want the bean form intact with the skin, so drop the heat, listen to some tunes or do whatever you do while you watch your beans. Don't forget to keep adding water as the beans slowly cook. I guarantee you'll come out with a perfect pot of commercial/restaurant quality beans and probably better!

Dark colored beans, like Pinto beans, Black Beans, and Black Eyed Peas are harder beans and can be boiled right out of the bag and still retain form. You can soak them to reduce cooking time and they will still come out great. The cooking time will be reduced by soaking.

You can add smoke flavor to your beans. I use Colgin liquid smoke, "Natural Mesquite".

A great corn bread to go with any dry bean soup is Jiffy. I know, it's quite sorry after knowing my late 80 year old Kentucky grandmother made cornbread in an iron skillet. (Kicked some serious butt, but) Jiffy is a cheap buy at .33 cents per package, just add milk and eggs. Taste? Exquisite. Sorry grammy!

Dry beans vary in price. They are high at Pick and Save, high at Walmart. They are lower at Woodman's. Food Run Fix will get the lower price for you. I don't like paying a higher price for dry beans. We present GOYA brand here, but a bean is a bean, packaged as GOYA or Great Value or a no named brand. Doesn't matter. We'll get the lower price dry beans to you.

Food Run Fix also lists some canned beans that are notable and quick if you don't want to wait for a boiled dry bean soup!

Pinto Beans
Mixed Beans With Lentils

Goya Pinto Beans 16 Oz

Goya Navy Beans 16 Oz

Goya Large Lima Beans (Butter Beans) 16 Oz

Goya Great Northern Beans 16 Oz

Goya Blackeye Peas 16 Oz

Goya Black Beans 16 Oz

Baby Lima Beans 16 Oz

Goya Yellow Split Peas 16 Oz

Goya White Kidney Beans 16 Oz

Goya Roman Beans 16 Oz

Goya Red Kidney Beans 16 Oz

Goya Pink Beans 16 Oz

Goya Pigeon Peas 16 Oz

Goya Lentils 16 Oz

Goya Green Split Peas 16 Oz

Goya Chick Peas 16 Oz

Goya Central American Red Beans 16 Oz

Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix 8.5 Oz

Don't want to wait for a dry bean soup? Opt for canned beans and augment them as you wish!

Bush's Best Pinto Beans With Jalapenos, Medium Heat 16 Oz

Bush's Best Pinto Beans With Bacon 15.5 Oz

Bush's Best Pinto Beans, Reduced Sodium 16 Oz

Bush's Best Pinto Beans 41 Oz

Bush's Best Pinto Beans 16 Oz

Bush's Best Organic Pinto Beans, Low Sodium 15 Oz

Bush's Best Navy Beans 16 Oz

Bush's Best Large Butter Beans 16 Oz

Bush's Best Blackeye Peas 15.8 Oz

Bush's Best Black Beans, Seasoned Recipe 15 Oz

Bush's Best Black Beans, Reduced Sodium 15 Oz

Bush's Best Black Beans 39 Oz

Bush's Best Black Beans 26.5 Oz

Bush's Best Black Beans 15 Oz

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