Gillette Venus Razor

A Gillette Venus Razor shouldn't be purchased without thinking about King C. Gillette! As you can probably tell by visits to this grocery delivery website, I have an interest in the history of products and the people behind them. A lot of the products on the market today that we use have such an old history; they've made it through countless wars and the creation of the automobile! They have survived. They are older then our current generation and will be around when we are worm food. Why do they have such staying power? One is quality. The products are good. They work. The other is name brand recognition, a subtle form of long term brainwashing. The product is imprinted in your mind. Not only yours, but your parents, your grandparents, extended family, friends and neighbors. Your dad and mom used it, so you use it. Your dad and mom's parents swear by it and you use it, and on and on. Consider the passing of product information an oral history of sorts.

The straight razor was the instrument that people, I should say men, (because I don't believe women shaved their bodies then; I could be wrong, correct me if I am!) shaved with then. Gillette thought up the idea of a "safety razor" by 1903 and a patent for the disposable razor was filed and born. He died in 1932 in Los Angeles. Originally marketed toward men, I wonder what old Gillette would think about the market share of women buying the product today? I like to think he'd applaud because he believed in an utopian (everything is perfect; idealistic) society. Certainly, he'd enjoy the idea of a woman using his Gillette Venus Razor! He'd appreciate a woman shaving, period!

Who was King C. Gillette? He was a Wisconsin man, born in the great city of Fond du Lac. He was educated in Chicago, worked in New York City. He had a series of dead end jobs for twenty years before Mr. William Painter, inventor of the crimped bottle cap design (yes, folks, these ideas came from somewhere!) gave Gillette the advice of inventing a "throwaway" product with the idea of repeat sales. This was in the late 1890's, before recycling. If they only knew then what we know now.

Some of the best and necessary daily items survive and the razor is one of them. My elderly neighbor asked me just the other day if I had forgot my razor?! Hey, it was a rough week and I didn't have time to shave. People love the smooth clean face and detest stubble! Thanks, King Gillette, for helping us to keep our act together in the social arena!

Venus Embrace Five Blades And Moisture Ribbon, 1 Each, 2 Cartridges Plus Shower Hook

Venus Embrace Five Blades And Moisture Ribbon, Four Cartridges

Venus Embrace, Five Blades, 6 Cartridges

Gillette Venus Embrace, Disposable, Five Blades 3 Each

Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive Five Blades, Two Disposable Razors

Venus Embrace Sensitive, Five Blades, One Razor, Two Cartridges & One Shower Hook

Venus Spa Lathers For Lush Smoothness, 3 Blades, One Razor, One Shower Hook, 2 Cartridges

Venus Spa Breeze, 2 In 1 - Two Shave Gel Bars, Two Disposable Razors

Venus Spa Breeze, 2 In 1 - Four Cartridges With Shave Gel Bars

Venus Divine, Intensive Moisture, Smooth Glide 4 Cartridges

Venus Close And Clean In One Stroke, 3 Blades, 4 Cartridges

Venus Breeze, 6 Cartridges With Shave Gel Bars

Venus Breeze, 3 Blades Shave Gel Bars, 4 Cartridges

Venus And Olay, 5 Blades Exfoliates And Locks In Moisture, One Each

Venus, 8 Cartridges

Gillette Venus Tropical Disposables 3 Each

Gillette Venus Sensitive, Three Disposable Razors

Venus And Olay, 1 Razor And 5 Blades Plus Moisture Bars

Gillette Venus Pro Skin, Moisture Rich Gel Bar - Four Cartridges

Gillette Swirl, Five Contour Blades, One Razor & One Cartridge

Olay Shave Gel, Violet Swirl 7 Oz

Olay Shave Gel, Vanilla Cashmere 7 Oz

Olay Shave Gel, Sugarberry Bliss 7 Oz

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