Hamburgers In Chili (Grilled, That Is!)

Hamburgers in chili are a tasty bet! Talking about how chili should be made can cause more verbal warfare only equal to how the Packer's should've, could've and would've done....well, according to the most passionate Wisconsin Cheesehead in the room! All chili recipes are embraceable and noteworthy!

I've made a lot of chili over the years in a few different ways. I've ate other great chili chef's chili and believe me, some of those concoctions had some serious spark, kick & punch! (All delicious, too!)

Some like it hot... no, not the classic  movie :) 

My personal favorite, one I super recommend is a small deal, but tasty beyond belief and will make you a chili god in the eyes of chili eaters everywhere, or perhaps simply with your family or co-workers. I like to think it's my secret, but I won't lie; somebody certainly already thought of this.
I like to make hamburgers, pat them out and throw them over some slow burning Kingsford coals. Hamburgers are great, but in this case, I just act like they are hamburgers and when done and cooled, crumble them into my pot of chili.

I really choose for myself (and for you, should you wish to use my services) ground beef that I can see. I'm just not up on those enclosed tubes. 

I prefer ground chuck for chili; 80% lean and 20% fat. Ground round and ground sirloin is more expensive, leaner and a little more rubbery chewing in your chili. Anyway, as you grill those chuck burgers, some of that fat is cooking off, making it less then 20% fat. I don't recommend the leaner beef precisely due to the grilling process that'll bleed off some fat, making leaner even leaner. You know?

I'm getting ahead of myself, though. Before grilling that great ground chuck on my charcoal grill, I fill a grill box with mesquite bark and throw it on the grill grid and let it get real smoky and the coals cooled down to where your hand won't burn off if you hold it in down around two to three inches from the surface. That's key.

Or, because Kingsford has figured out "Why have a smoke box with mesquite chips when it can be built into the coal itself?"  There's product for that! You won't have to mess around with a smoke box and separate mesquite chips when using these coals. Nice!

Kingsford 100 Percent Lump Briquets, Mesquite Hardwood Flavor 10.6 LB

Kingsford Mesquite Charcoal Briquets, Bold & Smoky 14.6 LB

I grill the patties for about twenty minutes, ten minutes per side. When done, you're good to go with your cooled meat and clear to put whatever you want in your chili; seasoning, jalapenos, red or white kidney beans or chili beans, red onions, tomato juice (I use V8) and fire roasted tomatoes. After the meat prep, it's all easy after that and a matter of seasoning and spices :) Now, consider yourself a chili god. Oh, um, can I come over? I'll bring crackers and an appetite.

All Hamburgers In Chili Ingredients I'll Add Here; Give It A Whirl!

V8 Original Low Sodium, 100 Percent Vegetable Juice 64 FL Oz

V8 Spicy Hot, 100 Percent Vegetable Juice 64 FL Oz

I add onions after everything has came to a boil only because I don't prefer mushy onions. I like a little "snap" to my onions. So, I watch and carefully taste test the onions for the crunch factor. Then the heat goes off.

Red Onion (Sharper Flavor) Slice, chop or cube at your discretion. 

Yellow Onion (Milder) Slice, chop or cube at your discretion. 

Make your chili in your slow cooker or a pot on the stove.

Slow Cookers Chili Seasoning Mix 1.5 Oz

"Per 2 TSP. Mix: 15 Calories, 0g Sat Fat, 400mg Sodium & 0g Total Sugars."

McCormick Original Chili Seasoning Mix 1.25 Oz

"Per 1 & 1/3 TBSP. Mix: 25 Calories, 0g Sat Fat, 340mg Sodium & 0g Total Sugars."

Chiles And Jalapeños should be added small, then taste your chili and add more if you like a little more heat!

Diced Green Mild Fire Roasted Chiles 4 Oz

La Victoria Diced Hot Fire Roasted Jalapenos 4 Oz

Red Gold Petite Diced Tomatoes W/Green Chilies 14.5 Oz

Petite Diced Tomatoes With Garlic & Olive Oil 14.5 Oz

I add the beans at the end after everything has came to a boil because, being already canned and cooked, they need only to be heated up. This method of "adding" avoids scorching which a bean in high heat will do if not watched carefully. Just a tip!

S&W Cannellini White Kidney Beans 15.5 Oz

Joan of Arc Light Red Kidney Beans 15.5 Oz

That's Food Run Fix's idea on hamburgers in chili! Unbelievably full of flavor, smoky and utterly decadent, it's a feed that you will love! Enjoy!

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