Jennie O - And What You Can Do With It!

I use Jennie O products in one way only, and I plan to share with you what I do with them. I make, pardon my french, but I make one hell of a batch of chili! I use a combo of meat; 1/2 Ground Beef, 1/2 Jennie O Ground Turkey. I'll give you Food Run Fix's chili recipe down below...stay with me, enjoy, and peruse products that only help you make a great meal!

Ground Beef
Ground Turkey 85% Lean 15% Fat 1 Lb
Red Gold Diced Tomatoes 14.5 Oz
Diced Chili Pepper
Diced Red Onion
Progresso Red Kidney Beans 19 Oz
Lawrys Chili Spices & Seasoning 1.48 Oz
La Preferida Black Beans 15 Oz
Original V8 Juice 46 FL Oz

Food Run Fix's chili recipe, using J.O. Ground Turkey, is based on a 16 QT pot, which is big, but, if you want a smaller batch, just reduce the contents!

The products shown above are the food items I use, but can be substituted with any like product, so don't feel constrained (except for the V8 Juice..I highly recommend it).

In a 16 QT pot, I put in already browned & drained ground turkey & ground beef. Drain very well and keep it lean! I add in red onions, V8 juice, diced tomatoes, chili pepper, & seasoning. I simmer this until I feel the onions are just right (you may want more snap to your onions = less time cooking vs more cooking). Add your drained black beans & red kidney beans at the very last to avoid scalding them. They just need to be heated up. Add salt to taste. "BOOM", you just made a bad boy batch of chili!

3 cans V8 Juice (use accordingly vs how many ingredients you put in)

4 cans black beans

4 cans red kidney beans

6 cans diced tomatoes

3 LB Ground Beef

3 LB Ground Turkey

6 packs of Lawry's Chili Seasoning (1 per pound of meat)

Red onions at your discretion

Red chilies at your discretion

Boneless Oven Ready Turkey Breast 2.75 Lb

 Cheddar Smoked Turkey Sausages 12 Oz

Ground Turkey 50% Less Fat 1 Lb

 Ground Turkey 85% Lean 15% Fat 1 Lb

Ground Turkey Burgers 12 Each 3 Lb

 Ground Turkey Burgers 12 Each 3 Lb Resealable Bag

Lean Ground Turkey 1.25 Lb

Lean Hot Italian Turkey Sausage 1.22 Lb

Lean Sweet Italian Turkey Sausage 1.22 Lb

Lean Turkey Bratwurst 1.22 Lb

Lean Turkey Breakfast Sausage Links 12 Oz

 Original Smoked Turkey Sausages 12 Oz

Savory Roast Turkey Breast Tenderloin 1.5 Lb

Turkey Bacon 60% Less Fat 12 Oz

Turkey Franks 40% Less Fat 12 Oz

 Turkey,  Various Sizes All Lbs

White Turkey & Gravy In Roasting Pan 2 Lb

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