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About Kingsford Charcoal: To start with, as I've stated in my Johnsonville Brat page, charcoal is the medium for any meat plus brats, hot dogs, polish sausage, really, any link that needs low heat. The product is great for steak or pork if you have patience! There's some folks that like the gas grill and it's convenience. I'm no hypocrite; I've had one. It's quick and efficient. But, there's something about coals that make a steak, burger, chop, or brat stand way out! What is it about Kingsford? Where did it come from and how was it created? Food Run Fix, (me, of course) set out to explore the how and why. That's what I do! I'm curious. When I have a slim product page like this, I like to get historical. Stick with me!

Kingsford is a story about recycling. Way back in 1919, Henry Ford wondered about the waste of wood generated in his plants. There was a lot of wood in his cars back then. Ford came up with the idea of using the scrap wood as a cooking component. Named in honor of Edward G. Kingsford, a friend and business acquaintance, Ford created a spin off product from the auto industry.

According to Dashka Slater's article "Who Made That Charcoal Briquette"? (New York Times), a chemist (Orin Stafford) from the University of Oregon invented it. Thomas Edison was involved as well, building a factory to make the charcoal. Edward G. Kingsford ran it. These guys were friends, hanging out together, camping and enjoying outdoor life. Kingsford was into real estate, a job that eased him into dealing with Ford with acres of timber in Michigan. Ford needed wood. Ford used wood in his factories. Said wood scraps became charcoal! Say what you want about Ford; he was a thrifty devil, that's for sure! These gents, Ford, Edison, Kingsford, were the original backyard BBQ grillers. Grillers everywhere owe it all to them!

Firestone, Ford, Edison & Kingsford

I thought I'd follow up these Kingsford charcoal products with some Weber Seasoning and BBQ Sauce from the Weber grill people! After all, it's a fitting end to a great story!

Side note: It's notable that the most productive people like Ford & Company win the day and rake in the profits, glory, honor and admiration, a lesson that Food Run Fix reads very well. Certainly at odds with 2018 thoughts and values, no?

Twin Pack Original Charcoal Briquets 12.9 LB Each

100% Lump Briquets, Mesquite Hardwood Flavor 10.6 LB

Applewood Charcoal Briquets 14.6 LB

Long Burning Charcoal Briquets 11.1 LB

Match Light Instant Charcoal Briquets 6.2 Oz

Match Light Instant Charcoal Briquets 11.6 LB

Mesquite Charcoal Briquets, Bold & Smoky 14.6 LB

Mesquite Wood Chips Smoke House Flavor

Odorless Charcoal Lighter Fluid, 1 Quart

The Original Charcoal Briquets 7.7 LB

The Original Kingsford Charcoal Briquets 15.4 LB

Bold & Smokey Chipotle Seasoning 2.50 Oz

Chicago Steak Seasoning 13 Oz

Weber Carne Asada Seasoning 5.25 Oz

Weber Dry Smoking Rub 15.25 Oz

Chicago Steak Seasoning 2.50 0z

Gourmet Burger Seasoning 2.75 Oz

Kick'N Chicken Seasoning 2.50 Oz

Bold, Thick, Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce 18 Oz

Smoky And Thick Hickory BBQ Sauce 18 Oz

Sweet And Thick Original BBQ Sauce 18 Oz

Sweet And Thick Honey BBQ Sauce 18 Oz

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