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Kotex pads (and liners) are necessary items for any women on the go. Kotex has a  long history. Before the exceedingly great performance of the product, women had to "make do" with what they had, which was cloth, cotton, or sheep's wool. It was tough for a woman way back in the day!

Luckily, Kimberly Clark came along over 100 years ago and paved the way for human beings to have a better quality of living by making products we can use most. A lot of the items you might recognize and use right now: Huggies, Kleenex, Scott, Pull Ups, Poise, & Depends. It's a billion dollar industry!

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Now, in a very recent story where tech meets daily living, a product called "my.Flow" is being worked on that will actually tell a woman when her tampon is full and ready to be changed. How does that work? Not with your regular preferred store purchased tampons unfortunately. You have to use my.Flow tampons for this to work.

The tampons are connected to a small monitor which can be discreetly hidden on a woman's body. The monitor senses full saturation of the tampon; that alert is sent via Bluetooth to a phone telling a woman to change. Of course, there's an app involved with this tech for a smartphone! The monitor is thought to cost around $13.00. No word on how much the tampons will be......stay tuned.

Kotex U Sleek Tampons - Regular, 18 Unscented Tampons

Kotex U Extra Maxi - Regular Heavy Duty Protection 18 Each

Kotex U Extra Maxi Long Pads - Heavy Duty Protection 16 Each

Kotex U "Click" 9 Regular & 9 Super Unscented Tampons - Multi Pack

Kotex Super Security Tampons, 36 Unscented

Kotex Super Plus Security Tampons, 36 Unscented

Kotex U Clean Wear, Regular 18 Pads

Kotex U Clean Wear, Heavy Flow 16 Pads

Kotex U All Nighters, 14 Pads

Kotex Natural Balance Regular, Ultra Thin 44 Pads

Kotex Natural Balance Long, Ultra Thin 56 Pads

Kotex Natural Balance Jumbo, 40 Count, Overnight Maxi

2X U Clean Wear, Regular 36 Pads

Kotex Pads 2X U All Nighter, 28 Pads


Kotex Liners New Nouveau Curves Long, 40 Liners

Kotex U Barely There Thin Minces Liners 60 Each

Kotex U 4 Tampons & 2 Liners Travel Pack

Natural Balance Regular Lightdays Liners, 135 Unscented

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