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Land O Lakes Butter

I like the story of Land O Lakes Butter, but it's not just a tale about Land O Lakes, it's a tale about butter itself.

Butter On Corn

Butter has a huge history. Used by royalty, worshiped by traders; used as coin....butter, gold as it is, is an amazing product! While it may seem cliche to see butter made in a "period town" these days; butter is an important part of history and heritage.

Butter is mentioned in the scriptures. It's been around! Butter may be viewed as a simple commodity today, but it truly is gold.

Butter leaves margarine in the dust. As I've said in a margarine page; there's a huge marketing war between margarine and butter. It's been around since the 1900's and a great read. Don't let it fool you...butter is the king!

I always say use oils in moderation; but I believe eating butter is far better than consuming margarine! The reason behind that statement is that butter is natural versus margarine which is a fake imitation of butter. Margarine isn't even a close cousin or brother to butter! The dairy industry, especially here in Wisconsin, took action against margarine producers in court years ago, fighting against the "coloring" of margarine to look like butter. The law against coloring margarine is over now, but savvy cooks know that butter is the real deal for baking, dipping, and spreading! Taste?! Bar none. Cost? Higher then margarine, but it's understood that it's a quality product and that's where the coin comes in!

A Food Run Fix hint: infuse your butter with garlic & herbs for a shock taste! Add salt/pepper or whatever you want.

 Cinnamon and Sugar Spreadable 6.5 Oz

Half Sticks 4 Each 8 Oz

Half Sticks Unsalted 4 Each 8 Oz

Light And Spreadable With Canola Oil 8 Oz

Light, Four Sticks 1 LB

Light Butter With Canola Oil, Spreadable 15 Oz

Salted Half Sticks 8 Each 1 LB

Butter Sticks, Salted 4 Each 1 LB

Butter Sticks, Unsalted 4 Each 1 LB

Butter With Canola Oil, Family Size 24 Oz

Butter With Canola Oil Spreadable 15 Oz

Butter With Canola Oil Spreadable 8 Oz

Whipped & Salted 8 Oz

Whipped & Unsalted 8 Oz

Land O Lakes Butter With Olive Oil & Sea Salt 13 Oz

Butter With Olive Oil &  Sea Salt Half Sticks 8 Each 1 LB

Butter With Olive Oil, Spreadable 7 Oz

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