Lean Cuisine Pizza

I love Lean Cuisine pizza and I have to admit that I just made it less lean (@10:00 pm, 11/30/19) with an addition of salt pork bacon slices on the top for flavor and substance. I know, I'm bad. But, I throw around steel at my weekly job 10 to 12 hours a day and I don't feel the bacon is hurting me any. :) I'm cut though, and I like my pizza usually full of vegetables except for when I get crazy with some bacon!

There's some calories to "the Lean" as I put it and that's something to watch out for if you're checking your diet. The product is just like any other food out there. Moderation is the focal point which is why I added some Dole salad on the tail end of this page. I enjoy a little crunch.

In any pizza joint, you'll usually see a salad bar and in most cases, the business will offer pizza and a salad for the noontime rush or just access to the bar itself which is a meal all by it's lonesome! I add the greens for some diversity along with some great dressing. All in all, it's great eating; you bust your hump and you deserve a great feed. - rex@foodrunfix.com

Favorites French Bread Pepperoni 5 & 1/4 Oz

"Per Package: 310 Calories, 2.5g Saturated Fat, 700mg Sodium, 4g Sugars & Calcium."

Favorites French Bread Supreme Pizza 6 Oz

"Per Package: 330 Calories, 2.5g Saturated Fat, 730mg Sodium, 5g Sugars & Calcium."

Origins Margherita Pizza 6 Oz

"Tomatoes, Mozzarella, Ricotta, Parmesan & Romano."

"Per Package: 330 Calories, 4g Saturated Fat, 570mg Sodium, 5g Sugars & 220mg Calcium."

Comfort Supreme Pizza 6 Oz

"Sausage, Pepperoni, Peppers And Onions."

"Per Package: 400 Calories, 3g Saturated Fat, 690mg Sodium, 18g Protein, 6g Sugars & 310mg Calcium."

Comfort Pepperoni Pizza 6 Oz

"Pepperoni And Basil With A Four Cheese Blend."

"Per Package: 410 Calories, 3.5g Saturated Fat, 870mg Sodium, 21g Protein, 8g Sugars & 360mg Calcium."

Comfort Four Cheese Pizza 6 Oz

"Mozzarella, Parmesan, Asiago & Romano."

"Per Package: 400 Calories, 3g Saturated Fat, 500mg Sodium, 17g Protein, 8g Sugars & 490mg Calcium."

Comfort Thin Crust BBQ Chicken Pizza 6 Oz

"Chicken, Red Onions, Mozz W/ BBQ Sauce."

"Per Package: 390 Calories, 3g Saturated Fat, 280mg Sodium, 21g Protein, 11g Sugars & 410mg Calcium."

Comfort Deep Dish Spinach Mushroom 6 Oz

"Spinach, Mushrooms, 4 Cheese W/Creamy Alfredo."

"Per Package: 340 Calories, 3.5g Saturated Fat, 380mg Sodium, 14g Protein & 200mg Calcium."

Comfort Deep Dish Three Meat Pizza 6 Oz

"Pepperoni, Italian Sausage & Beef."

"Per Package: 420 Calories, 3.5g Saturated Fat, 790mg Sodium, 21g Protein & 11g Sugars."

A great pizza has to include some delicious bread sticks. Heat & ready to eat or fresh baked and dipped in some delicious marinara sauce.

Pillsbury Breadsticks, Original 12 Each 11 Oz

NY Original Sticks With Garlic 6 Each 10.5 Oz

LiteHouse Ranch Dressing And Dip 13 FL Oz

Classico Riserva Marinara Sauce 24 Oz

Lean Cuisine Pizza; Lonely Without A Green Salad, Dressing Or Crusty Croutons!

Spinach Cherry Almond Bleu 6.4 Oz

"Dried cherries, crunchy carrots, sliced almonds, bleu cheese crumbles, baby spinach/white balsamic vinaigrette."

 A Dole Chopped Salad Kit, Chipotle And Cheddar 10.4 Oz

"White cheddar cheese, tortilla strips, carrots, onions, cabbage, kale and romaine with fire roasted chipotle ranch dressing."

Marzetti Sweet Onion Dressing 15 FL Oz

Marzetti Poppyseed Dressing 15 FL Oz

New York Bakery Original Texas Toast Really Ranch Croutons 5 Oz

NY Original Texas Toast Cheese And Garlic Croutons 5 Oz

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