Lunchables became an easy product for me to send with my child to school for lunch. Yes, I got criticized for it by teachers who didn't think the products were "healthy enough". I guess in reality, the unhealthy aspect couldn't be any different then if I made my kid a lunch meat sandwich?! 

Anyway, school staff were big fans of the hot school lunch program and at the time, my wife and I couldn't afford it. Later on when finances got better, we could and used the hot lunch program. When we went through this phase of buying the yellow Lunchables boxes, you couldn't tell our boy anything different anyway; he loved picking out the combos and flavors he wanted!

He's now 21 years old, well past that certain age of eating them as it would be expensive because he could probably down three of them easy! By the way, teachers, he's still alive and kicking, so no harm done!

Uploaded Pepperoni Walking Pizza With Pizza Sauce, Mini Bread-sticks, Pepperoni And Cheese 3.4 Oz

Deep Dish Pizza Pepperoni W/ Spring Water, Sauce, Crust, Cheese Blend, Cheez It Crackers, Roll Ups, Punch Singles 4.7 Oz

Uploaded Ultimate Double Cheese Deep Dish Pizza With Sauce, Cheese, Cheez It Crackers, Oreos & Kool Aid Tropical Punch 5.3 Oz

Uploaded Double Cheese "Walking Pizza" With Sauce, Mini Bread Sticks & Shredded Cheese 3.4 Oz

Extra Cheesy Pizza, With Kraft Cheese, Pizza Sauce, Dole Pineapple Tidbits And Berry Snacks 8.2 Oz

6 Piece Chicken Dunks W/Spring Water, American Cheese, Ketchup, BBQ Sauce, Pringles, Kisses & Tropical Punch Singles 5.6 Oz

Chicken Dunks, Breaded Chicken, Ketchup, Capri Sun Fruit Punch And Nerds Candy 3.8 Oz

Chicken Strips, Ranch Dressing, BBQ Sauce, Spring Water, Applesauce, Kool Aid Tropical Punch, Crispy Rice Treat 8.2 Oz

Chicken Strips - Breaded Chicken, Ketchup, Chiquita Strawberry Banana Smoothie And Double Stuff Oreos 4.2 Oz

Chicken Tortillas & Salsa With Strawberry Jello, Oreos, Spring Water & Kool Aid Tropical Punch 6.6 Oz

Lunchables Snackers Honey BBQ Chicken Nuggets, Family Size 9.8 Oz

 Snackers Original Style Chicken Nuggets, Family Size 9.8 Oz

Ham And Cheddar Cheese With Crackers 3.2 Oz

Ham & American Cracker Stackers With Double Stuff Oreos 3.4 Oz

Ham And American Flatbread Sandwich With American Cheese, Mayo, Applesauce, Capri Sun Fruit Punch & Rice Krispies Treat 7.5 Oz

Ham And American Cracker Stackers With Dole Pineapple Tidbits, American Cheese, Crackers And Fruit Stick 6.7 Oz

Turkey And Cheddar Cracker Stackers With Lean Turkey, Cheddar, Crackers, Reeses Peanut Butter Cup & Capri Sun Cooler 2.9 Oz

6 Inch Turkey And Ham Sub Sandwich, W/ Spring Water, American Cheese, Cheez It Crackers, Mayo, Rice Krispies Treats & Kool Aid Tropical Punch Singles 5.5 Oz

Turkey And Cheddar Flatbread Sandwich With Kraft Cheddar Cheese, Mayo, Applesauce & Fruit Roll Ups 7.5 Oz

Turkey And Cheddar Cracker Stackers With Lean Turkey, Cheddar, Crackers, Gummy Worms & Capri Sun Fruit Punch 3.2 Oz

Uploaded Nachos Grande Cheese Dip & Salsa With Spring Water, Tortilla Chips, Nacho Cheese, Fruit By The Foot & Kool Aid Singles 4.1 Oz

Grape PB And J Flatbread Sandwich With Fruit Roll Ups, Dole Oranges And Capri Sun Juice 7.2 Oz

Snack Duos, Tortilla Chips And Salsa With Mini Oreo - Tortilla Chips, Salsa And Mini Oreo Cookies 2 Pack 4.3 Oz

Uploaded Heat, Eat & Snack Chili Pie Recipe - Ground Beef, Corn Chips, Kraft Cheese And Chili Sauce, Walking Taco 3.8 Oz

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