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Morning Star Farms

Morning Star Farms actually looks pretty good!

I admit, I haven't tried Morning Star Products. But, after doing a little research on the food, I do believe that I may try them! I'm not a vegetarian. I enjoy red meat, chicken and pork, but I am willing to have a taste of vegetarian fare!

Come to think of it, I'm almost darn near vegetarian myself! I love dry bean soup and a lot of frozen vegetables! That, because meat is expensive! I try to wing it and diversify.

I've heard a lot of positive comments on the burgers here. Won't you try Morning Star Farms vegetarian dishes? Food Run Fix promises to get them to you quick! (And mom, I promise to eat more of them myself, honest!)

Burgers Grillers, Original 8 Each

"Classic Burger, Veggie Style"

Veggie Breakfast - Veggie Sausage, Egg & Cheese Sandwich 14.8 Oz

Veggie Breakfast, Southwest Sunrise Sandwich 13.4 Oz

"A spicy black bean, potato, and scrambled egg patty with pepper jack cheese with an English  muffin thin made with whole grain."

Veggie Bowls, Mushroom And Asparagus & Orzo 9 Oz

"Chickpeas, hearty mushrooms and crunchy asparagus in creamy risotto style whole wheat orzo pasta."

Original Chik Patties

"Seasoned chik'n patties with a crispy outside with a tender inside."

Breakfast, Hot And Spicy Sausage Patties 8 Oz

"Veggie sausage patties seasoned with a savory blend of spices."

Breakfast, Maple Flavored Sausage Patties 6 Each 8 Oz

"Veggie Sausage patties with a delicious maple flavor!"

Buffalo Chik Patties 10 Oz

"Spicy buffalo style chik'n patties with crispy breading."

Burgers, Garden Veggie 4 Each 9.5 Oz

"America's Original Veggie Burger."

Burgers, Grillers - California Turkey 4 Each 9 Oz

"Turkey Burgers with avocados and tomatoes."

Burgers, Grillers - Original 4 Each 9 Oz

"Classic Burger, veggie style."

Burgers Mediterranean Chickpea 4 Each 9.5 Oz

"Burger With Chickpeas, spinach, and Roma tomatoes."

Burgers, Spicy Black Bean 0.5 Oz

"Southwestern veggie burger with black beans, corn, and tomatoes."

Burgers, Spicy Black Bean - 8 Count Value 18.9 Oz "Southwestern veggie burger with black beans, corn, and tomatoes."

Burgers, Tomato And Basil Pizza 9.5 Oz

"Italian Style Veggie Burger with mozzarella, tomatoes and basil."

Burgers, White Bean Chili 9.5 Oz

"Vegan Burger with white beans, spicy green chiles and southwestern herbs and seasonings."

Classic Chik'n Nuggets 10.5 Oz

"Veggie nuggets with a crispy outside and a moist, tender inside."

Classics, Buffalo Wings 10.5 Oz

"Hot and spicy veggie buffalo wings with a crispy breading."

Classics, Garden Veggie Nuggets 7.9 Oz

"Tender veggie bites made with garden vegetables, red quinoa, cannellini beans and seasoned with onions, garlic and basil."

Classics Parmesan And Garlic Wings 10 Oz

"Veggie wings with a zesty herb breading!"

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