Nut Harvest

I like the Nut Harvest brand. It's a great snack from the snack giant "Frito Lay" that is seriously tasty, reasonably priced, and most importantly, crunchy!

Mixed Nuts

The bags are also readily available! You can see the packs at any quick stop anywhere in America. I buy them when I check in for gasoline. I also buy Planters, but less so. Planters should be peeing in their pants. Why? Frito-Lay has the mix combo perfected!

One item Planters should jettison is the greasy small peanut bag you can buy for a buck in any vendor machine, anywhere. There's a severe competition between companies like Planters, Frito Lay and off-shoot nut companies that ease in and offer even cheaper retail prices for an even lower grade product. Quality should be number one. You can tell a greasy product from a crisp, lightly salted, dry nut pack of goodness. Frito Lay has this down and is dominating the quality war. Who would've thought there would be a nut war out there, but there is and it's cut throat.

Below, there's some interesting videos about nut production and harvesting which is fascinating to watch (if you have time)! I will add that a co-worker of mine went to California on an agricultural junket and watched a nut production, tree shaking machine in action. "$300,000 bucks is what they told me the machines cost", he said! Think of the labor saved!

Nut Harvest Nut And Fruit Mix 2.25 Oz

Whole Cashews Sea Salted 2.5 Oz

Nut Harvest Nut And Chocolate Mix 2.25 Oz

Grab & Go Bites Trail Mix 2 .25 Oz

Almonds Lightly Roasted 2.25 Oz

In Shell Salted Pistachios 1.75 Oz

Nut And Chocolate Mix 3 Oz

Nut And Fruit Mix 3 Oz

Toffee Glazed Nut Mix 3 Oz

Honey Roasted Nut Mix 3 Oz

Whole Cashews Sea Salted 4.75 Oz

 Nut And Fruit Mix 4.75 Oz

Nut Harvest Almonds Lightly Roasted 4.75 Oz

Nut Harvest Whole Cashews, Sea Salted 5 Oz

Nut Harvest Natural Whole Cashews Sea Salted 5.5 Oz

Dark Chocolate Almonds Butter Toffee 5.5 Oz

Lightly Roasted Almonds 6 Oz

Natural Nut And Fruit Mix 6.75 Oz

Natural Lightly Roasted Almonds 6 Oz

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