Pillsbury Crescent Rolls

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls. I've never ate one, I have to admit. I can recognize one. I knew it was bread and you couldn't make a sandwich out of it. So, I wondered what the heck is it!? What's the purpose here? What kind of food item is it? I had to do a little research. What I found was that a 1683, Vienna was under a siege by over a hundred thousand Ottoman Turks. The Turks got beat back and to celebrate, Vienna created these rolls (a croissant, in formal terms) to commemorate the occasion. The rolls were shaped into a "crescent" shape, associated with Islam. Somebody got slammed & ate, symbolically. Most folks think it's a French creation but it's not.

I now know that you can stuff crescent rolls with meat and cheese. Pillsbury makes it easy with it's raw dough to do anything you want to do with it.

I've added Pillsbury Pie Crust, Pillsbury Pizza Crust, and Pillsbury Breadsticks to this page for the crust and roll junkie in you!

For real time hot food, Burger King offers an amazing variety of croissant inspired breakfast sandwiches for the fast mover and shaker. They have eight different sandwiches inspired by the croissant/crescent roll.

A Pillsbury Pie Crust is a simple and easy way to whip up a pie with zero effort. A Pillsbury pizza crust makes it a easy family meal, saving the cost of ordering out! Lastly, Pillsbury Breadsticks, with Marinara Sauce (I recommend Barilla) are a great choice with soup. Pillsbury is your playground. Ready made dough that in long years past where folks have to make it from flour themselves; well I guess we are spoiled!

Crescent Rolls
Raw Pie Crust
Raw Pizza Crust
Raw Breadsticks

Crescent Seamless Dough Sheet 8 Oz

Pillsbury Crescent Big And Buttery, 8 Big Dinner Rolls 12 Oz

Pillsbury Crescent Big And Flaky, 8 Big Dinner Rolls 12 Oz

Pillsbury Crescent Garlic Butter 8 Oz

Pillsbury Crescent, 90 Calories/Reduced Fat 8 Each 8 Oz

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, Butter Flake 8 Each 8 Oz

Pillsbury Rolls, Original 4 Each 4 Oz

Pillsbury Rolls, Original 8 Each 8 Oz

Classic Pizza Crust, 1 Pizza Crust 13.8 Oz

Artisan Pizza Crust W/16 Grams Of Whole Grain 13.8 Oz

Pillsbury Thin Pizza Crust, 1 Crust 11 Oz

Breadsticks, Original 12 Each 11 Oz

French Bread 11 Oz

Pillsbury Pie Crusts, 2 Deep Dish 9 Inch Pans 12 Oz

Pillsbury Pie Crust, 2 Each 14.1 Oz

Pillsbury Pie Crusts, 2 Regular 9 Inch Pans 1O Oz

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