Sam Rosen Bread

Sam Rosen bread (marketed as S. Rosen's) is yet another story, (and a great one!) of a working immigrant who makes good in the United States with a business that helps people even today with a delicious product. A Pole who apprenticed in Germany as a baker and ended up in New York baking then taking Chicago by storm (whew!); Rosen perfected the art of making, baking and delivering Rye bread. What is a life? This gent was a whirlwind of movement. And people, that makes Food Run Fix want to stand up and cheer :) because entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs like Sam Rosen make this country tick, from way back in the early 1900's to the 2018's and beyond. Good food, good service, and great and friendly people. It doesn't get any better then that!

Sam Rosen hot dog buns are great! Need a tasty bun you can toast for that BLT? Or a chewy french bread for that huge sub with all of the fixings; meat, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, peppers, pickles & onions? Food Run Fix can get it for you. Peace.

Brat & Sausage Chicago Deli Style Rolls 1 LB 2 Oz

Twelve Enriched Hot Dog Buns 1 LB 6 Oz

Eight Enriched Hot Dog Buns 15 Oz

Eight Enriched Hamburger Buns 14 Oz

Six Sliced French Rolls 13.5 Oz

Klassic Onion Buns, Extra Flavor LB 3 Oz

Kaiser Buns Eight Chicago Deli Style Buns 1 LB 4 Oz

Deli Brioche Hot Dog Buns 8 Buns 16 Oz

Deli Style Brioche Gourmet Sandwich Buns, Eight Buns 21 Oz

Soft Sub Rolls, Six Each 15 Oz

Mini French Rolls 12 Each 23 Oz

Mary Ann Slider Buns 12 Each 15 Oz

Organic 24 Seeds In A Day, 24 Grain And Seed Bread 27 Oz

Party Entertainers Cocktail Sized Caraway Rye Bread Appetizers

Organic 100 Percent Whole Wheat Bread 26 Oz

Sourdough Bread San Fran Restaurant Style 1 LB 8 Oz

Sweet Hawaiian Bread 24 Oz

Country White Bread W/Buttermilk 24 Oz

Famous Quality Rye With Caraway Seeds 1 LB

Multi Grain W/Sesame And Poppy Seeds 24 Oz

Maple Streusel Bread 16 Oz

Marble Rye Bread Swirled  1 LB 8 Oz

9 Grain Healthy Grain & Seeds Bread 24 Oz

100 Percent Whole Grain Wheat 24 Oz

Black Bavarian Rye Bread European Classic, Restaurant Size 1 LB 8 Oz

Bohemian Style Rye Bread Restaurant Size, Unseeded 1 LB 8 Oz

Bohemmian Style Rye Bread, Unseeded 1 LB

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