Swiss Miss Chocolate

Swiss Miss Chocolate is a well known hot chocolate drink appreciated by people for over fifty years.

Iconic Swiss Miss

Now owned by ConAgra Foods and before that Beatrice, few people alive now even care or remember that this was an original product made right here in Wisconsin, the dairy state. It was made by a company called Sanna Dairies now called SACO Foods, which is now  based in Middleton, Wisconsin. The man behind the product was Anthony Raphael Sanna, a Sicilian immigrant.

Anthony Sanna is recognized as an important man along with other immigrants of classically produced food products we consume now from Mr. Heinz (Heinz Ketchup) to Mr. Oscar Mayer (lunch meat). When you read history about Mr. Sanna, you realize the guy was all over this country and was a business man not afraid to work like a dog to make his dreams a reality.

The original Swiss designs on the hot chocolate box are realistic. There are a lot of Swiss people in Southern WI and you can find this kind of art in just about all of the communities around here! As you can see, the artwork is wiped from the product now. Sanitized, I guess. :(

So, the next time you taste a cup of this frothy, creamy hot chocolate, raise a toast to Mr. Sanna, who died in Madison on 1963 and at the bottom of his heart created products for consumers that are tasty, worthy, memorable and worthy of the praise that they still get!

Classics, Marshmallow - 10 Pack 7.3 Oz

Classics, Milk Chocolate - 10 Pack 7.3 Oz

Milk Chocolate Classics, Variety Pack - 10 Pack 7.3 Oz

Classics, Marshmallow 19 Oz

Classics, Milk Chocolate 19 Oz

Classics, Rich Chocolate - 10 Packs 10 Oz

Marshmallow Madness - 8 Packs 9.6 Oz

Milk Chocolate 28.5 Oz

Milk Chocolate Value Pack - 30 Pack 21.9 Oz

Sensible Sweets, Diet - 8 Packs 2.3 Oz

Sensible Sweets, Fat Free - 8 Packs 4.4 Oz

Sensible Sweets, No Sugar Added - 8 Packs 4.4 Oz

Sensible Sweets, No Sugar Added 13.8 Oz

Simply Cocoa, Dark Chocolate, 8 Packs - 7.68 Oz

Simply Cocoa, Dark Chocolate, Eight Packs - 7.6 Oz

Simply Cocoa, Milk Chocolate - 8 Packs 6.7 Oz

Simply Cocoa Mix, Milk Chocolate - 8 Packs 6.8 Oz

Candy Cane Peppermint Marshmallows 6 Pack 4.38 Oz

Milk Chocolate 39.4 Oz

Sensible Sweets Light 8 Pack 2.32 Oz

Caramel Delight Cocoa 8 Pack 5.84 Oz

Chocolatier Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa 12.7 Oz

Dark Chocolate Eight 1.25 Oz Packs 10 Oz

Marshmallow Lovers 8 Pack 7.44 Oz

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