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Tabasco Pepper Sauce

Tabasco pepper sauce, from Avery Island, Louisiana, is one product of a great line of hot sauce products Food Run Fix simply loves! I want to promote it for my customers, because it IS tasty! I have a bottle of the Chipotle in my fridge right now, waiting in earnest for a taco feast that's up and coming. Chipotle's got a great smoky flavor and just a little bite to it, perfect for hard or soft shell tacos and burritos.

Tabasco goes way back, clear to the end of our Civil War, 1865 and started with Edmund McIlhenny. He was a banker that was ruined by the loss of the Confederacy. His in-laws, the Avery's, helped him considerably. They owned land in Louisiana, a plantation where Edmund gardened after the war. He experimented, grew peppers along with his other crops and within five years after the war, patented a sauce product which we know today as Tabasco!

Right now, it seems like Sriracha is in the news as a mover and shaker and Tabasco has got their fingers in this market as well. Of course! Sriracha, a sauce I haven't tried yet, is a chili sauce popular in Asia, born from there and has caught on in the USA. I can see this sauce as being a threat to Tabasco and know they are moving to make sure they are going to receive their market share by making their own product!

Try this sauce on burgers, eggs, tacos, burritos, steak, etc. I use it primarily on tacos and burgers!

Chili Peppers ...
... and the sauce!
Avery Island Factory
The Precious Juice

Tabasco - Original Flavor 2 FL Oz

Tabasco - Original Flavor 5 FL Oz

Tabasco - Jalapeno, Milder 2 FL Oz

Tabasco - Chipotle Smoked Red Jalapenos 5 FL Oz

Tabasco - Hot Habanero 2 FL Oz

Tabasco - Buffalo Style Hot Sauce 5 FL Oz

Tabasco Ketchup, Mustard, Olives, Pickles, Bloody Mary Mixes

Tabasco - Spicy Ketchup 13 Oz

Tabasco - Spicy Pepper Jelly 10 Oz

Tabasco - Spicy Brown Mustard 9 Oz

Tabasco - Coarse Ground Mustard 9 Oz

Tabasco - Spicy Mayonnaise 16 FL Oz

Hot Spicy Stuffed Spanish Olives 7.05 Oz

Tabasco - Hot Sweet Sliced Pickles 12 FL Oz

Bloody Mary Mix, Extra Spicy W/Grated Horseradish 32 FL Oz

Tabasco - Bloody Mary Mix, Mild 32 FL Oz

An interesting video about Tabasco Pepper Sauce!

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