Tender Pork Chops

Tender pork chops are easily fixed with a few suggestions. Pork chops are lean. It's a mistake to treat them like a beef steak when it comes to preparing them. Well, beef has some veined fat in it you can work with when cooking. Pork chops don't (they have a rind of fat), so you have to be careful with them. How to cook it tender without making it pork jerky?

Read below for some product recommendations and tips to help you make some succulent, juicy chops that will make you the hero chef of your household!

Tip Number One

This one is one of Food Run Fix's absolute favorites! It involves Campbell's Cream Of Mushroom condensed soup and Pillsbury Grands biscuits, two big brands that are legends in the kitchen. I do want to assure you that off brand cream of mushroom soup and biscuits work just as well with this recipe. I've made it with generic soup and biscuits, being the adventurous and thrifty (read: cheap) type of guy I am and the flavor and quality is still there. So, here goes:

Fry your chops first. Coat each chop with flour and fry for three minutes each side till brown. It doesn't matter if the chop is completely done because the cooking will be finished off in the oven. This frying breaks the meat down for the baking to come.

Got a glass baking dish? A baking pan will work good if you don't have one. Start your oven and get it up to speed to what your biscuit directions are, usually 350 degrees. Put your fried chops in the dish, add the cream of mushroom soup. *A little side note: Add plenty of cream of mushroom soup; more then you think is needed. Let them chops swim in the soup. Why? Well, baking will suck up that soup liquid like sponge holds water. That's one. Two, that excess cream of mushroom soup makes one heck of a gravy for the mashed potatoes I'll present to you in a bit to round out a great meal!

Ok, you've got your chops in the pan or dish and the cream of mushroom soup looking like a soup lake in there! Good. If the oven is ready, pop it in there and let it cook for about 45 minutes to get the soup hot and bubbly. *Another side note: Don't count of the time to let you know. Visually look to see that the chop and soup mixture is bubbling and hot. If it isn't, then cook longer until heated.

When the chop and soup mixture is hot and bubbling, take the pan out and add your biscuits to the top of the chops and soup mix. They will float on top. Set them close to each other and bake for the recommended bake time, about ten minutes. Keep a close eye on them and when brown take them out and you've got yourself a simple, easy meal, paired with mashed potatoes or whatever you wish. As I said above, the remaining cream of mushroom soup makes a great gravy! Try it!

Pillsbury Grands! Flaky Layers Butter Tastin' 16.3 Oz

Campbell's Cream Of Mushroom, Family Size 26 Oz

Bob Evans Sour Cream And Chives Mashed Potatoes 1 LB 8 Oz

Bob Evans Original Mashed Potatoes With Milk And Butter 32 Oz

Bob Evans Original Mashed Potatoes With Milk And Butter 1 LB 8 Oz

Bob Evans Loaded Red Mashed Potatoes With Milk And Butter 20 Oz

Bob Evans Garlic Mashed Potatoes With Milk And Butter 1 LB 8 Oz

Bob Evans Buttermilk Red Skin Potatoes 1 LB 4 Oz

Tender Pork Chops Tip Number Two:

Another good way to create a great chop is using a seasoned crumb based product before baking. Shake 'N Bake does that! Shake 'N Bake comes with bags to "shake" your chops in. It's the easiest way to cook a chop and Kraft knows and has perfected it!

Heat your oven to 425 degrees. Moisten 6 to 8 (1/2-inch-thick) bone-in or boneless pork chops with water. Shake chops, one at a time, in the shaker bag with one pack of coating mix. Throw away that bag and any remaining coating mix. Bake chops on a foil covered baking sheet (I recommend this; ease your clean-up!) 15 minutes or until done. Don't turn your tender pork chops while baking.

Welcome to a crusty, tender and seasoned chop that is good alone with a fork and a knife; I like the crusty cut in buns with a sharp cheddar cheese slice like a sandwich and toasted. It's all good! Want to add a side of fries? Heck yes!

Shake 'N Bake Original Pork Seasoned Coating Mix 5 Oz

Ore Ida French Fried Potatoes: Shoestrings 28 Oz

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