Windex Glass Cleaner

For me, Windex Glass Cleaner is a super great cleaner. It's blue....I like that! I may be a little off here but blue is good. I love blue. Blue's my color.

I'll share with you a weird observation that I've encountered over the years when cleaning windows of any kind, a car like my old (and buried now) 1972 Pontiac Catalina or my former ancient 1870 built house, buried also, not by my choosing. I don't know; I can't figure out why, but when it's cool out, like late fall or even winter and I clean glass...I get zero streaking. The glass won't streak. Middle of the summer it's streak city. I don't care what Windex or any other glass cleaner that I've used says. It streaks. Unless it's cold. Can anybody explain that to me? I'm sure it's scientific (and I failed science).

Anyway, after all that blathering, I'd like to say that a proper cleaning of glass puts me in a very peaceful mood regarding some kind of order in my life. The sun shining through on your face; how can you go wrong? A good spray like Windex does the trick! I have some paper towels (Bounty, the best) down below to equip you for some serious happy glass cleaning.

I guess I never meant for this Windex glass cleaner page to morph into this car cleaning product page, but these products are so related to each other that I just can't help my self! I've used every one of these on and in my many vehicles over the years and used Windex in my home on windows, my glass stovetop, my countertops, my reading glasses, mirrors; the list goes on and on. Stick with me as I put together this work in progress page :) Thanks for bearing with me.....

Windex Foaming Glass Cleaner 19.7 Oz

Crystal Rain Ammonia Free 23 FL Oz

Windex Glass Cleaner, Original With Ammonia D & Streak Free 23 FL Oz

Windex Multi-Surface With Vinegar, Ammonia Free 23 FL Oz

Crystal Rain Ammonia Free Bonus Size 26 FL Oz

Windex Glass Cleaner, Bonus Size 26 FL Oz

Paper Towels With A Wax Rider, Necessary Components For Cleaning Glass, Mirrors & Polishing!

I've added some Bounty here; the huge rolls, for a reason. I know myself. I know I use a lot of paper towels on tasks and it's expensive. I pretty much screw the expense and go big on the paper because I get more cleaning material for my dollar. I like a quality paper with a tough, dry surface to wipe stuff down without the paper breaking down. A lot of low cost papers perform like that and it bugs me. Bounty does the trick! I don't apologize for using it, after all, my machine and windows reflects quality.

Bounty White 2 Huge Rolls, 120 Two Ply Sheets

Bounty White 6 Huge Rolls, 120 Two Ply Sheets

Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell Liquid Wax 16 FL Oz

Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell Paste Wax 9.5 Oz

Get Some Air!  Freshener, That Is....

3 Little Trees, Sunberry Cooler

3 Little Trees, Tropical Shores

3 Little Trees, Vanillaroma

3 Little Trees, Wild Cherry

3 Little Trees, Bayside Breeze

3 Little Trees, Black Ice

3 Little Trees, Coconut

3 Little Trees, Strawberry

3 Little Trees, Royal Pine

3 Little Trees, Peachy Peach

3 Little Trees, New Car Scent

2 Little Trees, New Car Scent

3 Little Trees, Leather

3 Little Trees, Morning Fresh

Protectant For Your Interior & Tires

There's nothing that looks better then a truly wiped and shined interior in your chariot. I've been guilty of laying back and doing zero about cleaning my second hand vehicles purchased from other owners. I treat them as, well, used. Any new car I've ever purchased, I'm dogmatic about cleaning it and keeping it pristine. I think that behavior might be a mental disease, I don't know. Go figure. Anyway, Armor All has some great easy wipes to keep your interior and tires clean and shiny. I've always used the spray, but wipes are a good idea to control overspray on windows or rims and you never have to need a spare rag soaked in the product to use it.

Armor All Original Protectant Wipes 30 Each

"Medium Shine"

Armor All Leather Care Wipes 30 Each

"Cleans, Conditions And Protects."

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