Zatarains Rice

Zatarains Rice has a major side dish flavor; it's a meal all by itself (if you want it to be)!

Mr. Emile A. Zatarain

Zatarains Rice is a true New Orleans dish created by this man, Emile Zatarain. If there's any conciliatory effect that a product is still being consumed more the 100 years later, then Mr. Zat has all of the honors.

Taste & Flavor? Yes. Manageable calories? Yes. Easy to prepare? Yes. Can be put into tortillas with a little cheese? Yes, and that's my favorite way to eat this side dish and that's after I put beef or chicken & green peppers and red onion into it. You can really pump up this rice meal and still have major flavor by adding. The Zatarains crew encourages it!

Price. You'll find that buying local has increased the price of the product, but if you go to the big city, you'll find it much cheaper, in most cases .50 cents cheaper.

Food Run Fix's favorite? Black Beans & Rice! Oh, and btw, we deliver it right to your front door!

Black Beans & Rice 7 Oz

Red Beans And Rice Original Mix 8 Oz

Yellow Rice Family Size 12 Oz

Zatarains New Orleans Style Yellow Rice 6.9 Oz

Zatarains New Orleans Style Yellow Rice 8 Oz

Zatarains Wild Brown Rice Mix 6 Oz

White Cheddar Chipotle Pasta Dinner Mix 6 Oz

Spanish Rice 7.4 Oz

Spanish Rice 6.9 Oz

Southern Stroganoff Pasta Dinner Mix 6.5 Oz

Scampi/Pasta Dinner Mix 5.2 Oz

Zatarains New Orleans Style Rice Pilaf 6.3 Oz

Red Beans & Rice W/Sausage 12 Oz

Red Beans & Rice Reduced Sodium 8 Oz

Red Beans & Rice Original Mix 8 Oz

Long Grain Wild Rice Mix 7 Oz

Jambalaya With Sausage 12 Oz

Jambalaya Pasta W/Chicken & Sausage 10.5 Oz

Jambalaya Pasta Dinner Mix 6.7 Oz

Jambalaya Original Mix Family Size 12 Oz

Jambalaya Mix Reduced Sodium 8 Oz

Jambalaya Mix, Mild 8 Oz

Jambalaya Mix, Original 8 Oz

Gumbo Mix With Rice 7 Oz

Garlic Butter Flavored Rice Mix 6.5 Oz

Garden Vegetable Rice Mix 6.5 Oz

Dirty Rice With Beef & Pork 10 Oz

Dirty Rice Original Mix, Family Size 12 Oz

Dirty Rice, Original Mix 8 Oz

Dirty Rice Mix, Reduced Sodium 8 Oz

Creamy Parmesan Rice Mix 5.7 Oz

Chicken Rice Mix 6.3 Oz

Chicken Mushroom Risotto 10.5 Oz

Cajun Chicken Rice 8 Oz

Blackened Chicken Alfredo 10.5 Oz

Big Easy Red Beans & Rice 8.8 Oz

Big Easy Jambalaya 8.8 Oz

Big Easy Dirty Rice 8.8 Oz

Alfredo Pasta Dinner Mix 6.3 Oz

Meal For 2 - Chicken & Sausage Jambalaya 24 Oz

Meal For 2 - Blackened Chicken Alfredo 24 Oz

Cheddar Broccoli 5.7 Oz

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